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header179Well, guys, we have had another busy week and last weekend out on the scene was as deliciously decadent as always. Having read this great review we decided to visit Paradise Spa in Dagenham which describes itself as the “…ultimate venue for naturists and swingers in the Essex area…”

‘Was in the area on holiday so decided to visit. I posted a meet here to see who was likely to be going and stated I was nervous. Really quickly John messaged me to say he was on duty that night not to be nervous and he would even make me a cuppa. How could a girl refuse? I was met by a local friend at the door who agreed to show me around and look after me if I needed it. I’d heard stories about this type of place with a single women like myself being hounded as soon as I arrived I needn’t have been concerned, the other customers were very friendly and polite. John was not needed on coffee duty.

The facilties are a little basic compared to bigger clubs and spas but I think it worked in its favour. The Jacuzzi was very popular and a great conversation starter. The steam room and sauna very comfortable. Plenty of tea and coffee to go around.

They say it’s the people who make a club and I certainly found that true here, I’m sorry I’ve forgotten the young lady’s name who was working but she was certainly entertaining to chat with, along with the club regulars. Would I go again? hell yes, tonight if i could have got away with it. Am I working out if I can manage a naughty weekend away soon just to visit again? Too right I am. For any one that’s nervous about visiting don’t be. You certainly won’t regret it. A really great night out. Not to be missed.”

So off we went and I have to say we completely agreed with the above review. The 4,500 sq ft location comprises of a large bar area, rest rooms, wet room, changing rooms and outdoor smoking area. The soft seating of the lounge area was the perfect place to relax and have a few drinks before exploring the rest of the club. The club does serve soft drinks, however, if you prefer something a little stronger you will have to bring it with you, they will, however, refrigerate it for you if you so require. The two 12 seater jacuzzi in the wet room was luxurious and the sauna and steam rooms were relaxing and exactly what we needed after a long busy week. The people we met from the staff to the patrons were lovely and we had a brilliant night out.UKGA2

On Thursday we attended the event of the season, the UK Glamour Awards. Well, we couldn’t miss such an exclusive event, especial having met the team behind it when we were at Eureka the other week. The awards ceremony was held at the illustrious location of Spearmint Rhino, the gentleman’s club on Tottenham Court Road and as you can imagine with The Daily Sport being sponsors all the daily sport girls were there mingling with the guests and looking luscious. We blended into the crowd of fabulous people, mixing with such luminaries as Izzy Beaumont who arrived with the Lambo boys but left Callum Best behind. Outside the row of Lambo’s caused a stir and the busy road came to a standstill as passers by gawped at the site of the mind-blowing motors and the models who lounged on them We had the pleasure of again meeting the crew from Eureka who were letting their hair down on a rare night off work, along with the Sinatra models and Haus of Shugz.UKGA1

Music was provided by XO who rocked the house with his live rapping and hosts Danny Lambo and Tracy Kiss looked resplendent taking centre stage. The beautiful models paraded on the stage as the top three of each category was announced and the winners awarded. It was a brilliant event and one we are glad we didn’t miss, well done to the team involved.

Of course, we didn’t want to draw attention to our presence but we did manage to snap a few covert photos of both Danny and XO.

Don’t forget we will be opening membership up on our website soon to the exclusive few so keep your eyes peeled for the launch.

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