Would you Adam and Eve it?

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Greetings and salutations to all you sexy guys and gals out there. Have you had a fabulously decadent week?

So this week an issue came up for a friend of mine which made me think about communication and honesty in relationships. All relationships not just sexual ones. I have a friend who organises events of a swinging nature and they were let down by an integral part of the entertainment team, someone that they had spent weeks advertising and promoting. Not let down with weeks to find a replacement, let down at the last minute. And why? Because they couldn’t be honest and open with their new boyfriend. Turns out that this guy had been a regular in the world of swinging but had not let the new lover know. So instead of being honest and telling him that there will be people at the party that he had previously played with, he kept quiet and let people down. Well that’s not going to do his career much good now is it? This is something I say to everyone, the cornerstones of a healthy relationship are honesty and communication! Clearly, Mr DJ didn’t get the memo.

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This is an issue that rears its ugly head all the time, people still don’t feel comfortable talking about sex, it is still a taboo subject for many people and it shouldn’t be. It is a normal part of life, hell it’s an essential part of life where procreation is concerned so why are some people still ashamed of having a sex life? Stand up and be counted people, you are a sexual being and that is a good thing.

So this week, Manchester was the place to be, specifically Adam and Eve club. We have been fans since the first time we looked at their website, especially how important respect is to them. As we were in the vicinity we decided to drop by and say hello. You can understand how the club has survived since 1982 with its relaxed atmosphere and welcoming staff. The four floors of playrooms and extensive facilities will have you cumming back for more. The decor is what you would expect with red leather sofas, dramatic lighting and canoodling ladies in statue form. If you don’t ‘Adam and Eve’ me then go check it out for yourself.


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Dear Dan

I fantasise about being forced to be used by a man. I’m happily married to a woman and have never before been interested in men, I am not turned on by men usually but recently when I’m having sex with my wife I have to imagine a man forcing me to give him a blow job before I can cum.

Does this mean I am gay?


Hi there.

A lot of men have had fantasies about this, in most cases, it is more to do with the feeling of being “forced” and controlled rather than the sexual act itself. It can also be connected to the taboo aspect of it as you don’t usually find men arousing. Remember that fantasy is different to reality, you may enjoy thinking of it but not actually want to go through with it. Have a think and ask yourself, if the opportunity arose and your wife was in agreement would you want it to be a reality? If so then discuss it with your wife, you could look into the possibility of swinging with another couple or a single guy who is bisexual or going down the sissy route and having your wife “force” you to do it. I say forced in quotations as it is all consensual. If you don’t think that you want to make it a reality then maybe you would enjoy watching forced bi porn before or during relationship s with your wife. Please do talk to your wife about this, being honest and open will alleviate your concerns.

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Dear Dr Decadence

Last week I can home from work early and caught my husband wearing my underwear and using a vibrator to pleasure himself. He doesn’t know I saw, I was embarrassed and quietly left. Now I can’t get it out of my mind, I can’t look him in the eye or bare to have him touch me. I love him and want to get past this but I’m not sure how.


Hello my dear.

I appreciate that you were shocked if he has never discussed having these kinks before but really it is a very mild fetish. You need to talk to him if you are not comfortable telling him that you saw then open a conversation about kinks and your own fantasies and see if you can draw him into talking about his. Try to find a way to incorporate his sexual Interests into the time you spend together, once you understand it you’ll find it easier to accept. As always communication is key.


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.


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