Xcitement at Xtasia

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So what a banging weekend we had, in more ways than one.

Dr D 12.11.17 (2)

We managed to see a few displays traveling around to get to our chosen party this weekend. You guys put on some brilliant displays, sorry to those who invited us to join them but we couldn’t get everywhere, unfortunately. This week we decided to travel to the Midlands to look for some future venues. We saw some interesting graffiti whilst driving through Digbeth, which you would have seen if you follow us on social media (if you don’t then check out the links below).

Of course, our biggest news this week is that we have finally announced the party of the century, the Decadence Launch Party!! This lavishly decadent party will be held in a luxurious townhouse in Mayfair, London, on New Year’s Eve. The fun won’t end when the party does at 3 am, there’s also an after party till 7 am for those that really like to party hard. Don’t miss out on this sensual soiree, tickets are available now from our website. Make sure you get your best party outfits ready and don’t forget your mask as it is an Eyes Wide Shut-themed masquerade ball.

Dr D 12.11.17

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Single ladies

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So on to our club visit, this week we attended Xtasia, having read the review below we were expecting a great night out and it didn’t disappoint.

“We attended the Red event on Saturday night… and what a great night.! The club is excellent, ‘Flirts’ for a drink before going into the club itself. Really nice staff looking after your entry and belongings, nothing is too much trouble. The club is big, great atmosphere, with a decent bar and dance floor and an excellent DJ, the music was spot on..! There’s lots of play areas with what looks like a new, really hot, ‘female’ glory hole set up downstairs, where the roles are reversed..!!! Superb..! All in all, a really first class friendly well run sexy club. The owner is really nice guy and at the end of the night he and the staff make sure cabs are ordered for everyone and then makes sure that everyone safely gets into their cabs. Really impressed, it feels safe and secure. Thanks guys, we’ll be back..! xx

Date: 6 November 2017”

From its comfortable Flirts bar and dance zone through to the more extreme dungeon, Xtasia is a well stocked and friendly venue for anyone looking for an adult night out in the Midlands.

So there’s still lots to do in the lead up to the party but the Dr always has time for a few of your questions…


This may seem weird, but I just don’t like sex. Is there something wrong with me?


Hi J,

Thank’s for the message and I’m sure there is nothing wrong with you. You don’t say if you have never enjoyed it or if this is a new thing. If it’s new then look at aspects of your life, are you generally down or stressed? How you feel can certainly affect your libido. If it’s the former and you have never enjoyed it then maybe try a little self-exploration, it may not be sex that you don’t like but certain types of sex. Everyone’s libido is different and not everyone enjoys sexual activities, unless you find it is affecting your happiness then don’t stress yourself further. If you feel that there may be an underlining reason then I would suggest that you speak to a professional and arrange some councilling. If you don’t think there is any reason for it then you may be asexual, someone who isn’t sexually attracted to anyone or attracted to sex itself.

I hope you can find what works for you and be happy either way.

Hello Dr

I have never been able to have an orgasm through penetration and my husband thinks it’s his fault. Is it normal? I can orgasm on my own ok.


Hi K,

Firstly, it is completely normal. The majority of women do not orgasm through penetrative sex, in fact in a recent survey 71% of women said that they either rarely or never have an orgasm that way. A lot of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve a climax. Show hubby how you make yourself cum, let him watch you masturbate or move his hand/toy to where you like it. Once he has seen how much you enjoy that he won’t mind so much that you don’t orgasm during penetration. Also, it is thought to be easier for a woman to orgasm through penetration when she has recently had a clitoral climax so get hubby to pleasure you that way first and see what happens.

Enjoy finding out!


Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent. Email [email protected]


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