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Your resident porn star is back with another column designed to help with all your relationship and sex-based issues! Got a problem? Write to me at [email protected] or find me on my social channels and I’ll use my 10 years’ experience in the adult industry to get to the bottom of it.

A fan bought me some new shoes this week. What do you think?

Hi Lola,

I’ve been on furlough since the start of lockdown and have been stuck with the wife almost 24/7 as she works from home. Rather than letting me put my feet up for a few months and enjoy some time off courtesy of the taxpayer, she’s been nagging me constantly and has given me a huge list of chores to do each day. I’m not sure I can last another week with her dishing out her orders! What should I do?

Anon, 50, Surrey

Lola says: I know how she feels! My other half has been working from home since March. I’m used to having the house to myself during the day when I’m not away shooting so it can be a challenge to find yourself sharing so much time with your partner all of a sudden. I have to remember to put clothes on in the morning case he’s on a video call with his clients!

Why don’t you find a hobby and get out of her way a couple of times a week until you’re called back to work? She’ll appreciate the space to get on with her day and might even get some of those chores done before you get back.

Hi Lola,

My girlfriend is amazing and we’ve been together 2 years. Her family are super religious so she won’t have sex until she’s married! I was fine with it at first as she’s so hot and we get on really well but I’m not sure how much longer I can last before I need to get my leg over. She won’t get married until she’s finished her studies in another 2 years at the earliest. If I wait and we split up, I will have wasted some of my prime years!! Can you help?

Mark, 23,

Lola says: It can’t be easy for a young stud like you to keep those urges at bay, Mark. It looks like you’re going to have to decide soon if she really is “The One”. I know I wouldn’t be able to wait that long and I suspect from your letter that you’re going to find it difficult too so it might be time to talk with her about your urges before causing any more hurt further down the line. If you decide to wait for her and need to keep yourself entertained, you could always watch one of my movies!

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