The UK’s fastest growing club, Hashtag United FC, becomes the first team in the country to put their players through their paces at the FTY Lab.

Based in Dorset, the FTY Lab is a hi-tech football inspired gym, which creates a unique and challenging experience for all visitors. From this, the guys at FTY have created a football combine, similar to the US style for American Football. The FTY Combine puts players through a series of unique challenges, testing skills like pace, agility, accuracy and shooting.

What makes this challenge unique is the fact that the lab can accurately score each player on each activity using the Elite Skills Arena (ESA) products. ESA are market leaders for hi-tech football training aids and have sold to some of the biggest clubs in the world, including FC Barcelona and Manchester City FC.

Hashtag United FC’s Academy visited the lab to try out the FTY Combine and use it to help determine which players progressed in their latest series, with the end goal being a player receiving a full-time contract with the first-team. They were tested on their passing, reactions, speed, work without the ball and shooting, before scores were tallied up and the player with the best score receiving a pass into the next round.

Hashtag United Manager Jay Devereux was present during the FTY Combine day and was very impressed with the challenges the youngsters were faced to take on.

“The facility here at FTY Lab is fantastic. These series of challenges we’re doing here are much more football related then previous, and the FTY Combine is making the guys do things which are football specific, which is great as we get to see them in that environment. It is testing their brains as well as their feet, so it is has been really interesting.”

Many more clubs and players are set to take-on the FTY Combine, which FTY hope becomes a standardised tool in helping clubs scout the next best players. FTY Head of Football Wes Fogden, believes a combine-based system could be hugely beneficial to choosing young prospects.

“We see over in the states the model of the combine used in lots of sports, particularly American Football, where scouts can observe future stars as well as receive vital physical data. Our FTY Combine can measure your speed, accuracy, endurance, shooting and other things which allows coaches to compare players, before making a final decision on other mental factors. We are hoping our lab and combine becomes a regular tool for clubs to use when considering a players future.”

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