Ingenious landlady looks to social distance punters

With LOCKDOWN and imposed HOUSE ARREST for the entire nation an ongoing part of peoples daily lives we talk to long serving landlady Yvonne from the Cock Well Inn in Derbyshire on measure that could be taken to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING and for our LOCAL BOOZERS up and down the country to be able to re-open and let a BRITISH tradition commence once again.

Yvonne showed us the new outdoor booths they’ve constructed to try and comply and still let regulars have a chat over a BEER or 2.

Talking exclusively to DAILY SPORT Yvonne said “The current situation is a bloody joke and nobody especially those in authority seem to have a clue about how to get the country out of this MESS.”

One regular had even suggested a GAS MASK type contraption cobbled to from an old MILK bottle which is the DRINKERS MASK, maybe this will catch on? Or perhaps just in FETISH CLUBS……..

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