Big Fat Lottos and the Big Fat (Thin) Brides

Doing there bit for men everywhere!

Every so often a company (usually in the gambling sector) pulls something of a PR stunt that almost feels like it’s going out of its way to offend a large portion of the population. However we love it!

Lottery syndicate company is onto a winner in our book. They’re launching a competition to whip 3 brides to be into shape for their lucky husbands.

The one who loses the most weight over the course of the competition then gets £5000 toward their wedding. Granted we don’t expect them to come out looking like one of our stunners, but if your Mrs has put on a few pounds recently maybe it’s time to pop the question and get her signed up.

The whole thing at big fat lottos is part of a larger “healthy living” campaign ties into making a joke about the companies brand name (at least that’s what we figure) or it certainly brings a whole new meaning to your chances of winning the lottery being SLIM or none.

To sign your Mrs up on the sly just email [email protected]

More details coming soon on

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