Caged artwork comes up TRUMP’s

Great America WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Darren “UNORTHODOX” G initially from Surrey created a provoking empire of Designer Fight Fashion named CAGED FIGHTWEAR WWW.CAGED.BLACK in Las Vegas Nevada he began to be called the Banksy of Fight-wear, known for his bespoke creations for many A-List Rappers and Performers more recently he has turned his attention back to the Street Art he initially started out doing creating commissions of Floyd Mayweather, The Krays and as shown here and the talk of the town his art Piece “GREAT AMERICA” Where he has ingeniously morph into the Art piece TRUMP with his new close Ally PUTIN.Great America

CAGED is the must have street and fightwear which has taken the world by storm with great styling and though provoking artwork. You can chek them out on FacebookGreat Train Robbery

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