Electronic Cigarettes: A Global Phenomenon

You might have noticed that we’ve recently welcomed a brand new sponsor to our website. VAPESTICK  is one of the UK’s leading, premium brands for electronic cigarettes and is on sale in some of the UK’s major retailers, like Tesco, Harrods, Costco, Argos, Londis, as well as thousands of others. We’re delighted to welcome them to the world of dailysport.co.uk!


Why Have E-cigarettes Become So Popular?


Aside from the fact that e-cigarettes so closely mimic the experience of tobacco smoking, there are 3 main reasons why electronic cigarettes have fast become so popular. They are healthier than tobacco, they are far cheaper than tobacco and they can be used almost anywhere where smoking has been banned.


So why are they healthier than tobacco cigarettes? When you light up a tobacco cigarette, the combustion process releases around 4,000 chemicals and dozens of carcinogens, including some pretty nasty things like tar, carbon monoxide and ammonia, to name just a few. With e-cigarettes, there is no combustion, just an aerosol-type mist, created through a process called vaporisation.


What’s inside an E-Cigarette?


The vapour from an e-cigarette is produced by the heating up of an e-liquid made up of 3 main ingredients; nicotine, propylene glycol and food flavouring. All 3 of these ingredients are considered to be safe for human consumption by the world’s health authorities. Nicotine, in these quantities, is considered to be no more harmful to humans than the caffeine in coffee. Propylene Glycol is the same substance approved for use in asthma inhalers and fog machines, and flavouring is what you find in the foods we all eat every day.


Why are they cheaper?


If you choose V2 disposable e-cigarettes from VAPESTICK, each one delivers around 300 puffs (about 30 cigarettes of smoke time). The V2 costs £5.99 and 30 cigarettes today costs about £12, so that’s 50% cheaper. You can save even more if you invest in a rechargeable starter kit, because thereafter you are mainly buying refill cartomisers at around £2 each (for around 30 cigarettes of smoke time). That works out about 80% cheaper than the equivalent in tobacco.


Celebrity Vapers!


We’re seeing an increasing number of celebrities who have made the switch to vaping, along with millions of others across the world. The big name celebrity vapers include the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Katherine Heigl, Jack Nicolson and Stephen Dorff. In the UK, VAPESTICK is the e-cig brand of choice for Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, Louise Cliffe, Jay McKray, Lady Sovereign, Gary Lucey, Darren Lyons, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Danniella Westbrook, Jaiden Micheal and Marius Listhrop, to name just a few!


VAPESTICK offers regular disposables, e-cigars and V-Shisha, rechargeable kits and accessories – all you need to get started on the vaping journey. If you’d like to learn more about electronic cigarette, or to try one for yourself (provided you are over 18), just click on any of the VAPESTICK banners around our website and you’ll be whisked straight to their online e-cigarette store.

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