Join the lottery revolution that has a €25,000,000+ daily jackpot

After National Lottery operator getting KO’d in the courts by Richard Desmond’s Health Lottery things for them just got worse for the loser as DAILY SPORT owners of the UK’s favourite red top and promoters of Daily Sport Lotto started their new advertising campaign.

Launched in April with international media coverage and live TV sponsorship DAILY SPORT LOTTO is Europe’s largest daily draw lottery with a minimum daily jackpot of €25,000,000 for a €2 stake and what’s more in the 5 numbers and 2 letters draw if you get only your first number correct you get your money back!

DAILY SPORT owner Grant Miller commented”We came up with the idea of a national newspaper lottery the week I purchased the title and after months of planning launched in on 20th April and haven’t looked back” when asked what he thought of the rivalry between the National Lottery and the Health Lottery Miller said”We say the more the merrier as in a free market there can only be one winner the punter”

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