Stieglitz and Abraham ready for war come Saturday night

Tension is in the air ahead of the big super-middleweight world championship
fight between Robert Stieglitz 42-2, 23 KO’s and Arthur Abraham 34-3, 27
KO’s this Saturday at the o2 World Berlin, Germany. At today’s press
conference both fighters were in good spirits. Current WBO Champion Robert
Stieglitz was seemingly calm and said: “I feel great and I am going to
defend my title. My preparations have been going extremely well.” Arthur
Abraham was quite relaxed himself. “We don’t talk a lot beforehand. Actions
speak louder than words and I am going to answer all questions inside the

Wilfried and Kalle Sauerland as well as Ulf Steinforth were not as quiet as
the two boxers. The promoters openly talked about the good working
relationship between both parties. “We are hoping to host more all German
fights on home soil,” said Wilfried Sauerland. Ulf Steinforth added: “Boxing
in Germany needs these kind of fights.” Also looking forward to Saturday
night is promoter Kalle Sauerland who got straight to the point. “It is
going to be a real war inside the ring come Saturday 10:45 pm.”

The theme for the big fight “The last chance” was not chosen randomly. It
really is an all or nothing situation the former IBF Middleweight Champion
finds himself in. “From this point onwards, every fight is going to be a
last chance for me. But I will grab it with both hands. No matter if the
fight goes the distance or not – I will prove a point on Saturday.”

Unsurprisingly, the SES Camp has a completely different opinion. Stieglitz’s
coach Dirk Dzemski: “We ware going to keep the belt.  We detected a lot of
weaknesses while watching Abraham and we will take full advantage of them.”

Ulf Steinforth added: “Both sides still have some tricks up their sleeves,
the difference is that we have a lot more of them.” According to Abraham’s
coach Ulli Wegner tricks are not necessary. “Who needs tricks? We are going
to wipe the floor with them and that’s the end of the story.”

Daily Sport says – As much a we respect both fights and have seen them on numerous occasions we can only see one victor on the night if he still has it and that is Abraham.

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