Sexy WPC’s snare thief

HONEYTRAP femmes fatales snared a prolific thief in a police sting operation.

Attractive female PCs Esther Butcher and Kate Barker were deployed to mingle with customers in bars and clubs after a spate of thefts reported by revellers.

They left a Blackberry mobile phone unattended next to them on a table in a Yates’ wine bar as bait to tempt any light-fingered drinkers, a court heard.

As the petite brunette and slim blonde stood chatting, convicted thief Tendayi Oliver Mutukdzi took the bait and came over to them.

After a while he began arranging drinks glasses to conceal the phone, before picking it up twice and finally pocketing it, the court heard.

Mutukdzi, who was in the bar with a friend, denied stealing the phone, telling police afterwards: “We thought we were going to get lucky because the young ladies kept looking over at us!”

But blonde PC Butcher told a trial at Colchester Magistrates’ Court: “I saw the suspect put the Blackberry phone in pocket of his puffer jacket. We waited for ten minutes to see if he would hand it to security staff, then summoned uniformed officers to arrest the suspect. As soon as Mr Mutukdzi caught sight of uniform officers approaching, he dropped the phone back on the table.”

Brunette PC Barker said: “I noticed the defendant was watching people rather than chatting and socialising like the other customers in the bar. His odd behaviour drew my attention.”

Mutukdzi, who denied theft at the Colchester bar, testified: “I was just curious to see the brand of the phone on the table so I picked it up. I realized it was a Blackbery. I was just being nosy. My friend was interested in the two good-looking females who seemed to be looking at us. I never put the phone in my pocket. I had no intention to take the phone.”

The prosecution said he had picked up the phone to look at the brand to see if it was worth stealing.

The defence argued there was no clear evidence of appropriation.

But the judge disagreed, finding Mutukdzi guilty of theft on the evening of March 15 this year.

Mutukdzi, 31, of Pondfield Road, Colchester, who calls himself Xzibit Mutukdzi on Facebook after the controversial American rapper and MTV host, Xzibit, had four previous convictions for theft within the past five years.

Mrs Hicks, mitigating for Mutukdzi, said: “You have found Mr Mutukdzi guilty of theft for ten minutes so I ask for leniency in sentencing. He has limited means, being a second year student of electronics at Essex University.”

Mutukdzi was fined £100 and ordered to pay costs of £750 plus a £15 surcharge.

Daily Sport says – We’re sure our readers wouldn’t mind getting captured by  WPC’s Butcher & Baker.

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