Who said England are pants?

Roy Hodgson the England players & their fans a-like can sleep easy knowing the road to Euro 2012 victory is paved with gold thanks to the magical powers of Banbury’s very own Jimmy Wright’s pants!

Jimmy 21 a well – known figure in Banbury as the Assistant Manager at the towns & Oxfordshire’s largest night club the Sound Exchange is so sure of the pants magical powers has refused to take them off since England’s opener against France insisting England’s good form has been down to his pants & nothing to do with Roy Hodgson & his tactics!

Jimmy’s manager Andy Millichamp has stated “I’m very patriotic so really want England to do well however he stinks it’s like working with a human cess pit! I also have to share an office with Jimmy’s girlfriend Becky who is clearly getting extremely fed up with it all,   so I hope England appreciates what I have to put up with, between his stink & Becky’s hump I think I deserve my very own medal! But hey if we win the Euro’s it will all be worth it”.

Jimmy’s poor suffering WAG Becky has evidently had to put up with a lot this summer as along with the pants Jimmy is so committed to England he is said to be refusing to have sex 24 hours before a match! Jimmy has evidently brought on his very own self imposed sex ban on the grounds of if the players have to go with out then so will he in support. Asked if he thinks the pants will bring England glory Jimmy’s boss Andy Millichamp is quoted as saying “You would like to hope so but to be honest Jimmy is a Coventry City fan so let’s be honest they haven’t brought him much luck so far”. Jimmy asked what he planned to do with his pants if England win said “I don’t know maybe frame them & put then hang them in full view in my living room wall” to which Becky replied “If you do, you and your pants can be very happy together – alone!” Jimmy then suggested maybe he would auction them with the inevitable millions raised going to a good cause.

The Sound Exchange which is made up of several venues including Malarki is showing every England game LIVE throughout the Euros on two very large screens & the venues multiple large flat screens.

Daily Sport says – Let’s hope England have the sweet smell of success up ther noses and not smelly pants.

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