The European Union is a Monster


The EU was created  after World War 2 and has changed significantly in numbers and ideology. It is now run by a group of 28 unelected people called commissioners who want it to become The United States of Europe. It now has a President, a flag and an anthem. How many people know who the President is, where he comes from or what his politics are? Do British people know the European Anthem? Hence Remain campaign want us to stay with an institution we know nothing about and have no control over.


These rulers are answerable to no one and have their own political agenda which ignores the will and needs of the people of Europe. The Greek economy is in tatters, The Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are on the verge of an economic precipice yet their basic needs are ignored. The Remain campaign tell us  that we are better and stronger being a member of this expensive club where we have no say and the evidence is that we will become poorer and have unlimited immigration thrust upon us. At no stage are we told of the consequences of an economic catastrophe within the EU. What we are told is that our cucumbers and bananas must be a certain shape and size whilst our toasters and hair dryers must conform to performance measures. Why are we not told of the extra taxes and other costs that will arise after a catastrophe?


Based on the history of the EU we will get rules governing more personal matters such as the size and shape of your penis or breasts. Will sex be restricted to 5 minutes to save energy? Will all EU women have to have breasts of 32C or will the commissioner in charge change his mind so they must be 40 DD. As for men with a penis that is not straight will they go the same way as the odd shaped cucumber?


Meanwhile The EU are always willing to create rules for the benefit of large corporations. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment deal is the latest. Promoted as a trade agreement between Europe and the USA it is a in fact a benefit spree for American Corporations to exploit the people and Governments of the EU. Farewell NHS will be the result of this little gem. More foreign workers entering Britain increase the supply therefore with limited demand wages fall. This benefit to British workers is called mass uncontrolled immigration.


The only reason for staying in is the financial benefit of others. Corporations and Countries but not Britain or it’s people. You have one vote which must be to leave help save yourselves from imposed hardship and overseas control.


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