Wanted Dead or Alive £1 million on Gaddafi’s head

Libyan rebels have put a £1 million bounty on the head of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi reports coming out of Tripoli state he may have changed his appearance since the wanted poster was issued and now be dressed as a women to evade capture.

Daily Sport says if any of our eagle eyed readers spot a 69 year old bearded lady they may well be in with a chance of scooping the £1 million jackpot. So as Shaw Taylor used to say “Keep ’em Peeled”

One thought on “Wanted Dead or Alive £1 million on Gaddafi’s head

  1. I just saw a bearded lady with the biggest lips (lower lips) I have ever seen. Like most Dictators she spoke a load of SHIT her breath smelt and herclothes looked as if she got them from DHL press it Primate Evans!!!!!!!!!!!

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