WORLD EXCLUSIVE: M&S chocs ruined my S&M


WORLD EXCLUSIVE: DAILY SPORT brings you another story the rest of FLEET STREET are to frightened to print.

When we were contacted by DAVE a builder from London saying “The Missus’ M&S Chocolates Ruined Our S&M Session” we had to investigate.

So the 50 Bars of Chocolate investigation began.

Dave said”The missus had been ready 50 Shades all last week and I thought we may as well have a romantic night in and give this stuff a try, so being the old romantic I am I shot down my local M&S and got the her some chocs to get in the mood” So Dave and the wife got down to business so to speak only for then to discover the EVIL EYED sweet which kept starring at Dave.

Dave added”The wife seem to think it was funny that this tiny sweet could put me off me stroke, but the LITTLE BUGGER kept giving me the evil eye”

DAILY SPORT contacted M&S who were unavailable for comment and we can only think that these are maybe part of their new HALLOWEEN GIFT COLLECTION!

Remember keep those pics and stories coming in!




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