1,200 job losses as UK’s last knitted CONDOM factory CLOSES

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With the economy in turmoil Daily Sport has learnt of yet another established business GOING DOWN which is the last thing you want to hear when you are the last remaining CONDOM KNITTER in Britain.

Johnny Dix & Sons of West Yorkshire in 1854 by the late Johnny Dix who was tasked to make knitted condoms to supply the British Empire and was still run by the 7th generation of the DIX family until it’s closure this week.

Current chairman Richard Dix Jr told Daily Sport “What with the use of the single use RUBBER ones and the outbreak of Coronavirus we just couldn’t keep going, we have been limping along in recent years anyway.”

It’s so sad to see yet another traditional BRITISH craft bite the dust and a family synonymous with textiles out of work.

In recent years the company had tried branching out into VIBRATOR warmers but these never caught on and were a very HARD sell indeed.

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