A women scorned wreaks her revenge on CHEATING hubby

A wife from TELFORD has given POSTIES up and down the land a laugh this FESTIVE SEASON after publicly shaming her EX when returning his mail to senders.

She has written “No longer at this address since June 2020 (Penis kept ‘FALLING’ into other WOMEN) on the envelope of Christmas cards that arrived and put them back in the post to return to sender.

I don’t think this was what the late great Elvis had in mind with the TRACK ‘Return to sender’ but it seems to work as neighbours say she hasn’t had anymore post for him since mid-December.

One POSTIE who spoke to Daily Sport said “We get all sorts of stuff written on letter by this is by far the most original.”

And CHEATERS beware as you may get PUBLICLY shamed.

Stay safe Sport Readers and here is to a better 2021 for us all.

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