Baby shower of shit after GBBO banned baker makes BIRTHING cake

An expectant MOTHER has been left in tears after her workmates held a BABY SHOWER for her and got the infamous baker BANNED from ‘Great British Bake Off’ GEMMA MATTHEWS to do the cake.

Gemma who’s previous BABY CAKE was BANNED excelled herself this time and ruined the mum to be’s day entirely ending with her being taken to HOSPITAL after having a PANIC ATTACK.

The LARGER than life baker from EAST LONDON was unrepentant when Daily Sport contacted her saying “WTF do I care, they asked for a realist birthing cake and that was what they go.”

Yet again you can’t knock Gemma Matthews’ CREATIVITY and since she last appear in Daily Sport back on June 15 this year has opened her own BAKERY called ‘Fat Bitch Bakery’ in Essex.

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