CHINESE BANDITS flood the world with re-treaded CONDOMS


With the recent GLOBAL condom shortage reported by market leaders DUREX your Daily Sport has learned of CHINESE criminal gangs working with CORRUPT dustmen across China to harvest USED condoms for them to wash, re-tread and re-pack for sale as BRAND NEW, heightening the risk of infections and STD’s.

There was a time people would by re-treaded and part-worn tyres for their OLD BANGER, but who ever heard of PART-WORN rubbers.

Chinese health official WU HAN FLU told Daily Sport “Since early 2020 we’ve BUSTED 34 such gangs who have between then washed and re-sold over 1 BILLION condoms into the world market.”

We spoke to one CHINESE dustman who asked us to disguise his identity we’ll call him CHARLIE and told Daily Sport “On a good week I can get 10,000 used condoms for the gangs as I’m on the best round which covers all of Beijing’s WHORE HOUSES.”

We have even learnt of GANGS stealing CONDOMS from the WASHING LINES of DOWNMARKET Knocking Shops in a bid to get hold of more stock since the CRISIS began.

So be warned SPORT READERS the next time you buy cheap JONNIES they could have been worn by more than one person previously.


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