Social distancing barber took me for a C**t

Sport reader Joe from Dagenham got more than he BARGAINED for when he went to a local BARBER offering cut price SOCIAL DISTANCING hair cuts and came out with more than a short back and sides.

Joe ended up with the word C**T shaven into the back of his head after querying the cost of the £2.99 hair cut.

A FUMING Joe told Daily Sport “I’m bloody glad we ain’t allowed out, as all my mates would be taking the PISS”

He went on the say “My old woman thinks it’s the funniest thing she’s seen in ages and said see I ain’t the only one who this you are a C**T then.”

Well Joe our old mate all we can suggest at the nation’s best family newspaper is if LOCKDOWN gets lifted before the hair grows back you’d better get hold of a SYRUP.

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