Another week – Another sacking!

After a fantastic weekend of football, the pressures of the Premier League have struck once again.  This time in the shape of Steve Clark and Andre

If you ask me Steve’s sacking was absolutely shocking, he’s very good manager.  This time last season he was actually in contention for manager of the year in my book although I do think a majority of their success last season was down to Lukaku’s loan time.

It makes you wonder where the line is when it comes down to where the responsibility of poor performances lies, where is the line?

I was at the game of what turned out to be Clarke’s last game on Saturday. Cardiff are a good team at home  (you only have to ask Man city that) so sacking him for a poor result on the home turf is actually quite insulting to Cardiff  I think. They didn’t actually play too well anyway and to be fair, Shane Long is one of the worst Forwards I have ever seen play live! His movement, attitude and commitment was just plain awful.   Clarke is a very good manager but he just hasn’t got the best from his players this season.   I’m not doubting the quality there but they just don’t seem to be confident in the forward options available this year. Long needs to go.  He’s not a Premiership striker.  He’s muck (maybe league 1 at best). In this instance I’m blaming the players as they just aren’t getting the results that they should.

So ……..who’s next? A few are in line for the sacking if you ask me and what worries me more is the replacement options for the departed roles. 

After an absolute schooling at the Lane,  Andre has had the chop too. The problem with him is when he gets it right he’s world class but when he gets it wrong he’s too stubborn to change his methods.  He needs to listen.  It started with the mighty West Ham giving them a going over in their own back yard followed by Newcastle and now this Liverpool result was terrible. Not just by the odd goal…..they are lessons, proper lessons to be learned.  In all fairness Liverpool were in top form.  Spurs just weren’t interested. In this case its completely justified, he’s bought in world class players but he’s focussing on the crap that has previously been on loan to QPR or Swansea last season.   I wasn’t  a fan of his set up and it’s time to give the new boys some game time.

So who’s the replacement? I wouldn’t be shocked at Hiddink coming in.  He’s a good shout. If I was a betting man (well I am actually) then that maybe the option.  An outside shout might be Sven.

 Moving on to the Hammers, I’m not sure how much time big Sam actually has left. The faithful are not calling for his head just yet and I think the striker situation is down to poor luck.  I’m pretty sure the Carroll signing was down to Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan to be honest as they have spoken out on the regret of the signing based on his injury time out.  At least he’s training again and he may be the answer.  If he was to get the chop it would probably come at a stage where we would be in a relegation battle, possibly bottom three. For me Malky is the perfect fit. I have seen what this guy has achieved at Cardiff and the owners have turned that place into a Rio street carnival. It’s a matter of time or a better offer but personally I think it’s the latter. If West Ham are to drop down again then what better person to handle the battle in either league.

The situation at West Ham is a tough one to call, I doubt Sam is at risk just yet. One to watch definitely though.

Onto the brass tacks, Arsenal for the title ? It doesn’t look so rosy now does it?

Chelsea, Liverpool and City are there now….2 pts behind.  I always said Arsenal are an injury away from slipping and poor form has struck.  They were hit for 6 at City but City are in rampant form at home and the only down side is the fact the Blues are awful away from home.  I didn’t think home sickness occurred as close as the Midlands but it seems to!  Can they do it?  Maybe, if they can sort out their away form.  Liverpool are now big challengers.  The interesting thing is Manchester United clearly cannot retain the title so we are going to have new title holders.  Chelsea let too many games slip  to go all the way.

I think Liverpool are in with a shout but if Suarez gets injured ? …then I don’t know. 




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