Ben Craggy talks to Daily Sport leading up to his fight at UCMMA

Ben Craggy (Photo by Tom Slezakowski)
Ben Craggy (Photo by Tom Slezakowski)

Ben Craggy (Photo by Tom Slezakowski)
Ben Craggy (Photo by Tom Slezakowski)

The Daily Sport caught up with Ben Craggy 6-6-0 ahead of his Welterweight fight against Nathan Jones 3-1-0.  The fight is on the fantastic UCMMA 37 at London’s The Troxy on Saturday November 30th 2013.

Ben has appeared a lot on UCMMA so what is it he likes about the promotion so much that he keeps going back time and time again?

UCMMA promoter Dave O’Donnell kick started my MMA career on reality television show “Fighting Hurts”.  I was already an MMA fan but was just pumping weights at the time when I heard about Dave’s gym “Elite”.  I turned up for a class and knew I was in the right place. I owe a lot to Dave for my opportunity and UCMMA is the original and most consistent MMA promotion in Europe so it is an honour to fight for them. 

As Ben is just over a week out from fight night, is he looking forward to the fight and what exactly does he make of Nathan Mr Bag & Tag Jones?

I’m looking forward to fighting Nathan; I don’t think he has anything for me to worry about in the cage. After beating his bf (Chase Morton) in February I plan on bagging Nathan to claim the set!

Nathan is working hard and he is a keen ‘newbie’ at the start, of what could be a good MMA career.  I’m excited to fight him as he has put himself out there and will turn up to fight anyone but so do I and I plan on re writing his career.

All fighters prepare differently pre-fight so is Ben doing anything specifically tailored to Nathan?

I’m training as usual but adding new sparring partners to mix things up a bit.  I always stay well rounded and work on my whole game so I can win in more than one way. Not to mention dieting and cutting huge weight!

Ben has 6 wins under his belt and they are split between Submission and KO/TKO wins whereas Nathan has won all his fights by Submission.  Can we expect to see Ben keep this fight standing so he can test Nathan in the stand-up game?

I don’t mind where the fight goes; I go where my opponent is weakest.  He won’t have time to dictate where the fight goes and will be lucky not to get knocked out. I have too much power in my striking. 

With Nathan fighting consistently over the last year, we haven’t seen Ben in action since February but he does have more cage time experience.  Will the experience be too much for Nathan?

Yes. I’m too calm and too experienced.   I’ve had tougher fights and tougher sparring than he has ever had. Nathan won’t be able to handle the heat and power I’m going to put on him.

Looking past UCMMA 37, is there anyone Ben would like to fight in the future in the Welterweight Division?

I’m earning my stripes in my new weight division and hope to bang my way through all the contenders to get a title shot. I’m very focused on not just winning the belt but earning it.

How does Ben feel he has evolved as a fighter since starting out in MMA?

I started MMA from scratch which has its plus and minuses.  I don’t have bad habits drilled in from other martial arts and consider myself a well-rounded MMA fighter who can KO you or submit you equally.  I owe all my success to my coaches and training partners, I have made some brothers in the gym and we beat each other up and help each other through all the ups and downs.  We discuss tactics and drill techniques (drillers are killers).  I owe an awful lot to my striking and strength and conditioning Coach Dan Harris – over the past 3/4 years he has worked my game and been in my corner for my fights.

So the final question is, how does Ben see this fight going, will it go the distance or will he be looking to end it as quick as possible?

My fights almost always end in the 1st round, if he is lucky enough to be conscious after I’ve hit him, I will swarm and put a horrible beat down on him on the mat. So 1st round KO!

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Article by Suzy Athey



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