Big Fight Preview: Antonio Margarito v Miguel Cotto


Well this is the reason why I subscribed to BoxNation – the rematch is finally upon us!

Miguel Cotto is an angry man. In the first fight he was coasting, hitting Margarito at will and even putting his hands behind his back such was the ease that he was avoiding shots. But come the 11th round Cotto’s corner threw the towel in, their man battered bleeding from his eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Since Margarito was caught trying to load his gloves against Shane Mosley the one burning question has been nagging Cotto –   “Did margarito use illegal handwraps against me?”

We will never know the answer to that question. Nobody other than the man himself has the answer. The question I prefer to ask is that if Margarito is prepared to try and load his gloves against the ageing Shane Mosley then why wouldn’t you use them against the unbeaten, dangerous champion like Miguel Cotto ? It also has to be noted he has not knocked anybody out since he was caught against Mosley.

The normally calm and collected Miguel Cotto has been anything but this time around. He feels the injustice and wants to right this “wrong”. He is promising fireworks and in front of 18,000 fans baying for Margarito’s blood he really doesn’t want to disappoint.

He once said that Margarito will never make a $$$$ from him but sees the opportunity to make some money and avenge that blemish. Also Cotto has insisted on a catchweight of 153lb which will ensure he has a small advantage making the naturally bigger man fight at this lesser weight.

Finally, Margarito took a shocking beatdown at the hands of Manny Pacquiao. He suffered a broken orbital bone in that clash and had to have a series of operations and in the face off I watched on youtube and he looks like he has a glass eye. The New York Stated Athletic Commission really don’t want to play no part in this, after numerous doctors checking his eye and meetings they finally passed him fit to fight.

I think after many numerous battles and a lack of regard Margarito has shown for his defence he is now the more shop worn of the two and I believe that Cotto will inflict enough damage for the ref to wave it off in about 10 rounds of this Saturday night clash (11pm).
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