BKB™ Lockdown II will go ahead March 27


I’M delighted to announce that BKB™ Lockdown II is going ahead on Saturday, March 27!

We have started matching already and there will be some big names on there.

We’re also planning to introduce several new faces to BKB™ fans around the world.

You may have seen on boxing websites that Lincoln’s Nathan deCastro has signed to fight for us.

Nathan is the only fighter to ever put Chris Eubank jr on the floor, which tells you something about his pedigree – and the power of his punch.

Anthony Taylor has joined us after an undefeated career in the MMA cage and we are hoping to complete another major signing in the next week or two.

As you may have seen in the Daily Star over the weekend, Jim Freeman, co owner of BKB™, spoke out after we received news that an illegal bareknuckle boxing show was being planned.

Jim pointed out that these shows have absolutely nothing to do with BKB™ and that anyone fighting on them will never fight on one of our shows.

We don’t stage shows in car parks and gyms. We have a contract with the O2 in London, the same venue where Anthony Joshua won and then defended the world heavyweight championship.

Fortunately, the police did their job and stopped the illegal show from happening.

One of these shows could end in tragedy because there will obviously be no doctors or paramedics there and bareknuckle boxing is a dangerous sport.

People get hurt in combat sports. It needs to be taken seriously.

On top of that, planning a bareknuckle show is a slap in the face to all those people who are fighting covid-19 or who have lost loved ones.

Everything we do is within the guidelines set out by the government at this difficult time for everyone.

Until next week

Stay safe

Joe Smith-Brown


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