BKB 35 is only hours away now – and I can’t wait

The O2 Arena is going to be full – every ticket has been sold –there will be great fights and the Channel Four cameras well be there.

They are going to be at the show filming for a documentary about the top bareknuckle boxing company in the business, BKB™.

That coverage will take us into millions of homes and I’m sure will help convert many people to our sport.

I’m sure everyone at the show and everyone watching on Channel Four will be entertained by what they see.

Bareknuckle legend Jimmy Sweeney faces Marley Churcher, there’s the huge local derby between Bournemouth punchers Carl Hobley and CJ Mills and loads of other knockout specialists and sluggers in action.

If you can’t be there you can watch every punch by logging on to www.bkbworld.co.uk. You can buy the live stream there.

That’s also where you can buy subscriptions for our BKB Fight Pass.

Fans who sign up gets lots of benefits, including discounts on tickets and merchandise and access to a huge archive of footage from BKB™ history, so whenever you can’t find anything to watch on television, there’s also a great fight just a few seconds away ! There’s plenty of action and drama to be found there.

We made a couple of signings this week.

Peter Hayes and Tyrone Eliffe have both joined us. Both have proved themselves in other organisations and have impressed us enough to join the Premier League of bareknuckle boxing, BKB™.

Every day we get contacted by fighters who tell us they are good enough to fight for BKB TM and become champions.


We look at every single fighter’s credentials before deciding whether they have got what it takes and we are happy to welcome Peter and Tyrone on board and look forward to seeing what they can do.

Enjoy Saturday.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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