BKB 37 is now just over a week away!


Every ticket for the show in Wolverhampton on Saturday, March 30 was sold out weeks ago, so the only way to watch it now is to get the pay-per-view stream from www.bkbworld.tv.

If you want to watch all the behind-the-scenes build up and exclusive interviews you need to subscribe to BKB Fight Pass.

There you will find all of the above, along with discounts on merchandise, tickets for future events and access to our archive of fantastic fights!

Jimmy Sweeney and James Connelly have featured in many memorable fights – and it’s sure to be a classic when they face each other in Wolverhampton.

That is a seven-round fight that simply can’t fail to deliver.

Then there’s Dan Podmore defending his world heavyweight title against Richie Leak.

Richie steps in after Carl Hobley was ruled out of defending his cruiserweight belt against Dan.

We’ve also upgraded the fight between Martin Reffell and Rolando Dy to a world-title eliminator.

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That has the makings of one of the fights of the night.

Martin is the British featherweight champion who had that terrific fight with Ryan Jett that made headlines all over the world, while Rolando made a huge impression when beating George Hillyard last time out.

Every fan of BKB™ was talking about the Filipino afterwards, but Martin isn’t bothered. He has always been willing to test himself since he joined us and the winner will get a shot at the world title that’s currently held by Barrie Jones, the pound-for-pound No 1.

Martin has told his local press he would be honoured to be punched in the face by a great fighter like Barrie!

He may get his chance if he beats Rolando.

BKB 38 is also taking shape with more fights added all the time. Keep checking on social media for all the latest news.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown


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