Katie Price in a Pickle OnlyFans Cash Slashed by Court!


Katie Price, the one-time queen of glamour, is in a right old mess after a High Court judge decided she’s got to fork over half her OnlyFans dosh. That’s right, folks, the bankruptcy boogie has got Katie dancing to a different tune, and it’s not one she likes!

Declared bankrupt back in November 2019, our Katie thought she’d sorted it all with a deal to pay off her debts. But, oh no, she’s been a bit naughty and missed her payments. So, the court’s come knocking, and now 40% of her earnings from OnlyFans, among others, are getting nabbed for the next three years.

And get this, during one of her virtual court appearances, Katie was all hot and bothered, claiming she was being targeted by trolls and fearing she’d end up behind bars because of the nasty chatter online. She even said she was “petrified” and had “anxiety levels through the roof” because of some dodgy site having a go at her.

Katie, not keen on showing her face on camera, was accused of having the whole thing recorded by some sneaky so-and-so pretending to be just an average Joe. The judge wasn’t having any of it, though, and made sure the rest of the hearing was just for the eyes and ears of those who needed to be there.

It’s all a bit of a circus, but Katie’s vowed she’s so fed up, she’d rather do time than deal with more legal threats. Crikey, talk about drama!

Maybe some one should have told Katie about Fawnstars


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