Super-Heavyweight Ross says it’s boring watghing SKINNY lads


Andy Ross says it’s boring when skinny lads fight – and he will give bareknuckle boxing fans the knockouts they want to see.

The 37 year old from Skegness will make his debut for top promoters BKB in a super-heavyweight clash at London’s Indigo at O2 Arena on Saturday, September 12.

He said: “Everyone wants to see the big boys slugging it out.

“The skinny lads have skills, but what people really want to see is knockouts.

“At super-heavyweight, most bareknuckle fights will end in a knockout.

“If a lad weighing 20 stones hits you on the chin, you will have to pay to get back in.

“I love fighting, I love the adrenaline.

“We’ve got a few ex military in bareknuckle boxing. We are real warriors who love fighting.

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“I know you’re not supposed to, but when I get hit I enjoy it.

“It’s going to be great. I can’t wait. I get to have a fight and I don’t end up in court !”

Ross says he’s known as ‘Bomber’ because he carries a bomb in his right hand – but part of his right leg is missing.

He estimates he lost “a quarter” of his right leg through surgery – but it might have been a lot worse.

“I had 13 operations on my leg,” he said, “and at one point the doctors thought: ‘This is a mess, we are going to have to take it off.’ They found a couple of tendons to join together and my leg was saved.

“After they saved my leg I thought: ‘I will do what I want to do now.’ That put everything in perspective. I thought: ‘I won’t say no to things as much anymore.’”


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