THERE are a lot of fight fans who are unhappy that Tyson Fury is fighting Dereck Chisora next

Even the front page of trade magazine ‘Boxing News’ asked: ‘Is This Really The Best We Can Do?’

What is the point of Fury-Chisora III?

We know who the better man is because he’s proved it twice – emphatically!

Dereck’s face ended up in such a mess the last time they fought, his corner had to pull him out. He had barely landed a punch and was taking a terrible beating.

What is going to be different this time?

Fury is obviously going to win again – whenever he wants to, I imagine.  

People don’t want to pay money to see what they know is going to be a one sided fight.

My advice to them is, come to BKB 29 instead!

We are staging a show on the same night as Fury-Chisora III and I’m convinced it will give fans better value for money.

We simply wouldn’t put a fight like Fury-Chisora III on any of our shows. We only want to see 50-50 fights. If we’ve seen one of our fighters beat an opponent up once, they don’t fight gain and boxing fans are being asked to watch Fury beat up Chisora for a third time!

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Fury and Chisora have great background stories, but BKB™ features a reformed bank robber fighting someone who couldn’t even clinch their fist a year or so ago.

James Connelly and Marley Churcher is one of our world-title fights on BKB 29 and there are two British-title fights as well on a show where every single fight is a pick ‘em, as the Americans like to say!

So to any fans of combat sports looking for a night out before Christmas who simply can’t stomach forking out for Fury-Chisora III, I say: ‘Get a ticket for BKB 29 instead – and be entertained!’

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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