THERE’S plenty of heavyweight action on BKB 32 – so don’t blink

The British heavyweight title is on the line when Carl Hobley and Charlie Milner square up at the O2 Arena on Sunday, May 21, and the last time they squared up, it was all over in 19 seconds!

Tony Barratt is another who likes an early night!

The Whistable veteran won inside a round the last time he fought for BKB™ – and Stanlee Wilson predicts a premature ending to their fight.

Stanlee fancies he be dishing out the punishment while the fight lasts, but admits that, win or lose, it could be his last fight.

Stanlee says he will make a decision after the fight – and Jody Meikle is another who finds himself at the crossroads.

Jody says his fight with Martyn Grainger will be his last – but I’ve heard him say that before. More than once!

Jody actually came out of retirement to win the vacant world heavyweight championship!

That was a great story and made Jody a legend in Cornwall, home to fighting legends such as Bob Fitzsimmons and Len Harvey.

In what he says will be his last fight, Jody faces another ex pro gloved fighter, Martyn Grainger.

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As a gloved pro, Martyn fought on Sky Sports and went in with the likes of Isaac Chamberlain and Jack Massey, who have both been seen on huge television shows and are knocking on the door for major title fights at present.

Martyn obviously wants to start his career with BKB™ with a bang – but there’s no way Jody wants to bow out with a defeat, so we can expect an action-packed fight when they clash.

The heavyweight division is getting exciting.

We expect to see world champion Dan Podmore back in the ring later this year and Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner made that explosive debut for us in Dubai.

His career will definitely be fun to watch.

Until next week Joe Smith-Brown

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