THIS week Dean ‘Smudger’ Smith has told us he won’t be fighting on our shows anymore

Everyone connected with BKB™ was sorry to hear that news. ‘Smudger’ has been a true warrior for us and his last performance was his best.

He fought future Hall-of-Famer Sean George for the British bantamweight title last November and lost by the narrowest of points verdicts.

Sean got the win on the final round, but it was desperately close.

My guess is this isn’t the last we’ve seen of ‘Smudger.’ I think that once he’s had a break he will realise how much he misses competing in BKB™

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The crowds are coming back now and I’m sure the thought of fighting in front of 3,000 fans at the O2 Arena and millions more around the world will bring him back to the ring.

I did say we would see Ricky Nelder return after he announced his retirement a year or so ago – and I was right.

Ricky is another Hall of Famer who has decided he isn’t finished with BKB TM just yet.

He told us towards the end of last year that he plans to fight again and we’ve matched Ricky with CJ Mills on August 14.

I’m sure that show will sell out and BKB 21 is heading for a sell out as well.

We’ve sold 80 per cent of tickets for the show on July 3 that’s topped by Sean George challenging Dan Chapman for the world bantamweight championship, the pride of Wales and a place near the top of the BKB™ pound-for-pound rankings.

On top of that, they don’t get on either.

That is a must-see fight. I can’t wait!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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