WE’VE had a busy week putting together the BKB Lockdown show.

It goes ahead behind closed doors at the Indigo at O2 on Friday, November 27.

It’s so good to finally have a show to look forward to.

The response to the news has been amazing. Fans are telling me they can’t wait and we’ve had so many fighters contact us saying they want to be on the show.

I can confirm that the British bantamweight title fight between James Lilley and Scott McHugh will be going ahead on the show and what a fight that promises to be !

I know a lot of people think James did enough to beat former world-ranked gloved pro John Wayne Hibbert last November and if you’ve seen Scott fight, you will know that he always fights his heart out.

Scott’s debut for us a couple of years ago was one of the most memorable fights in BKB history.

Tony Lafferty had him down and from where I was sitting, on the brink of defeat. But by the final bell, Tony was bleeding and bruised.

Our fighters are a different breed.

I can also confirm the show will feature the return of Nathan Leeson.

Nathan has had a bit of a break and we are pleased to have him back. He’s been fighting for us since the early days and was good enough to draw with Sean George.

Sean is heading for the Hall of Fame, so that tells you how good Nathan is.

On the subject of the Hall of Fame and top pound-for-pound BKB fighters, George Glinski this week put together a list of his top five best bareknuckle boxers in history.

You will find it on the Toe the Line channel on You Tube and it’s well worth a watch.

I’m sure it will start a lot of debates and even if you don’t agree with everything George says, it should still bring back a lot of memories.

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown