WHAT a few days it’s been for BKB™

Firstly, there was the BKB Lockdown II show that’s been well received by everyone who saw it.

I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from fighters, fans and TV companies.

Ishe Smith was so impressed by what he saw he signed up to fight for us!

Ishe is a massive signing for us.

As a gloved pro boxer, he won the IBF super-welterweight title and has been boxing at the highest level right up to the end of his gloved career.

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Further back, he was one of the stars of the ‘Contender’ series. He is a fighter who is known to fight fans around the world, so it’s massive that he’s joining us.

I can’t wait to see him fighting at a packed O2 Arena. The next show is July 3rd – and we are going to be busy.

We are planning a show every month from July until the end of the year. That’s six shows and an awful lot of work for me and Jim.

But we’ve got thousands of fans who want to go to shows, TV companies around the world are asking: ‘When’s the next show?’ and I’ve got 120 fighters who want to fight, so we need to put shows on.

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We could have easily signed up 20 more fighters in the days after the show. I had lots of messages from fighters saying: ‘I want to join you’ and now we have to sit down and decide who’s good enough and who’s not. Because if you watched BKB Lockdown II you will have seen we have some very good fighters on our roster.

The future looks very bright for BKB™!

Until next week

Joe Smith-Brown

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