Buglioni could train around the globe under new trainer The Celctic Warrior

Steve Collins has revealed Frank Buglioni could follow his globetrotting formula in pursuit of the world title they crave after taking over as the super middleweight’s trainer.

The Irish great, known as “The Celtic Warrior” during the fighting prime in which he twice defeated both Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, frequently changed trainers and gyms in order to reach his potential.

He first moved to Boston to train under the Petronelli brothers and alongside middleweight legend Marvin Hagler before returning to the UK and then again heading to the US to finish his career with decorated American Freddie Roach.

Buglioni, 25, is to divide his time with Collins between London and Dublin, where they will be assisted by the latter’s brother Paschal at The Celtic Warriors gym, but will look to use any additional time further afield to broaden his boxing education.

“We can have him go over to LA, have him go to The States, have him looked after,” Collins said. “I can travel with him, if necessary.

“It’s completely open to us. We have the contacts everywhere, to arrange whatever suits him. If Frankie wants to try gyms abroad, not a problem. He can do all that, you know?

“He has good fighters in his division, and the weight divisions above and below him, in Dublin to keep him occupied, but sometimes some guys like to experience the American setup, but we can arrange that.

“I cannot see us changing training camp, unless it’s a big world title fight, but as things go along, if Frank wants to look somewhere else we have the contacts and we can do it.”

The last time Collins was discussed in a boxing context was when reports circulated surrounding a belated fight with long-term rival Roy Jones. Those reports came to nothing, but the Irishman, 50, insists Jones remains a target.

“If Roy Jones wants it, I’m still waiting for him to sign on the dotted line,” Collins said. “This has been going on for 20 years and it’ll go on for another 20 years.”

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