DailySport catches up with the new Prizefighter Champion and unbeaten welterweight pro boxer Johnny Coyle

PZ:     How did you get into boxing?


JC:      It was a family thing really. My older brothers and cousins used to box, so I got into it early, went to the gym with them and loved it.


PZ:      Tell me about the training camp you had for the Prizefighter and the team around you.


JC:      I’ve got a great trainer Alec Wilkey and a great team around me. I was always in the gym for this fight, training twice a day. I did some good roadwork, but the main thing was putting in nine rounds of sparring in every day. Three rounds in, three rounds out, three rounds in etc, preparing for the Prizefighter. I was only a four round fighter, so it was essential that I needed to build up that stamina.


I was lucky to have some good sparring with the likes of my good mate Danny Connor, Tommy Williams and a number of other fighters, including some tough spars down the Peacock gym.


PZ:     Congratulations on winning the Prizefighter! You were not favourite to win, but looked confident throughout. What do you think was the secret to your success?


JC:      Hard work I would probably say. My mates never doubted me – in fact they all went to the bookies and won money off my win. In fact, one of my mates got odds of 20-1 and won about eleven grand! My mates knew I had it in me, but for those who didn’t have faith in me I was able to show them what I was capable of.


PZ:     What does it mean to you to win as a member of the travelling community?


JC:      I see it as a great achievement. The reception I received when I came home was fantastic and I think I might be the youngest traveller to have won the Prizefighter…


PZ:      You went into this tournament with a record of 4-0, having had your debut 10 months ago, and left the York Hall the same evening 7-0 with a nice piece of silverware! Where would you like to be in 12 months in your boxing career?


JC:      I’m not thinking that far ahead. I just want to keep training hard in the gym, but be sensible also. I’m only 20 years old, so there’s no point in breaking myself so early on. I’m only just about a six round fighter at the moment, so I have a long way to go before thinking about things like titles at this point.


PZ:      Do you have a job outside of boxing?


JC:      A do a bit of roofing.


PZ:     You are currently ranked 11th in the UK welterweight division. Are there any other welterweights in the UK you would like to call out?


JC:      Not really. I just want to crack on and improve my game. If I climb the ranks it will happen at a sensible rate, not forced.


PZ:     Who wins the Groves/Froch rematch?


JC:      I’m going for Froch again. Now he knows Groves style, I think he will come in a different person and blow Groves out.


PZ:      Any boxing nicknames?


JC:      No.


PZ:     Tell the readers one thing about yourself which not many people know.                                            


JC:      Everybody knows everything about me!


PZ:     If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


JC:      Joe Calzaghe! If it was a current day legend it would have to be Floyd Mayweather.


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