Midweek footy round up

Welcome to my weekly milestone with the Wednesday Sport

Mockney - 14So how did we all do in the national? It was a right state wasn’t it?  My tips didn’t really do too well but then horses ain’t my strong point, so more fool you for listening to me. We were one result off my £10-£1000 cash building mission.  I’ll chuck another one up to see how close we can get it.  Grand National-wise I had a 33/1 in 4th place so not too shabby.

So what’s the goss this week?  Sporting-wise I’m gutted for Rodriguez as he’s out of the world cup and some time after by the looks of things.  He’s been  decent all year and the sort of player I felt we needed in Brazil.  Young players are key I think.   Luke Shaw is another I think we need on the plane, although I think Lambert would be a bad choice and its a competition too early for Lalanna.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s quality going forward but defensibly can he really compete with Rooney, Barkley or Wilshire? Not for me just yet. It would be a disgrace if Ashley Cole gets on the plane ahead of Shaw with Baines obviously being the first choice.   I also think Carroll would be a wild card to take …the guy wins 100% of his headers although I think the international referee would pull him up for everything.

I think it’s safe to say the England team are going through a transition where the older generation are probably a little past it now and the younger generation are a little too young but its a good mix.  It will be an interesting one as a few other countries are going through the same  transition.

So the title race is still in full swing with all top 3 teams winning their games although Liverpool’s win was a total sham. A few people say that the game ended up with the correct outcome in the end but that’s b@llox.  Carroll was pushed by Skirttle into the keeper that’s why the Linesman gave it goal! Gerrard has had 5 pens in the last few games.  Why ? Because the whole team are divers – that’s why!!! West Ham were robbed!!! Robbed I tell you!!! But who cares – I think we have done enough now to stay up.  Two teams who  can’t say the same are Cardiff and Sunderland.   Cardiff got dicked on big time. Maybe Ol’s was the wrong choice after all “TAN OUT” Is the word at the City stadium!! I think they are right. Sunderland are looking awful! Their games in hand mean nothing …they aren’t points in the bank .

Hughton has been given the shove from the Norwich big wigs.   I don’t agree with this one.  Norwich are where they are because the players are muck.  They haven’t purchased any talent over the last couple of years. He’s had nothing to play with there money- wise.  It’s a big shame  but on the other hand along with Malky there are a few decent managers out there.  These are the ones who need a chance at the big clubs.  They know the game well and can invest a lot of time with their new teams .

So, predictions for the Champions league this week. Well I think United are going to get a hiding in Germany.  I also think it will raise the pressure on Moye’s with the fans. Man United actually have the best away record in the whole of the Premier League so maybe that can be carried off.  Of course I want a British team to win the Champions League but I just can’t see it happening  for a few years for United.

So this week’s cash builder bet, we were close last week so here’s this weeks flutter.




Saturday :










£10-£1000 Bosh

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