DailySport catches up with Southern Area Heavyweight champion, Ian Lewison



PZ:         How did you get into boxing?


IL:           I was fighting far too much when I was at school. I was about 12 at the time, and all though it was nothing serious, I was always getting into fights. One day, the headmaster called my mum in and said that I can’t keep getting into all these fights and that she needed to get me involved with something that could get the fighting out of my system, so that when I came to school I wouldn’t want to fight. He suggested something like karate or boxing and also said that if I didn’t stop fighting he would have to suspend me. That’s how I got into boxing!


PZ:          Any other members of your family who have boxed?


IL:           Only myself. I was the only one who needed the discipline as a kid!


PZ:          Congratulations on your recent two round destruction of Tom Dallas for the Southern Area Title. How did it feel being crowned as the new champ?


IL:           It felt really good. I knew the second that fight had been announced I was going to be champion. I even predicted that I would win in two rounds!


PZ:          You’ve only lost two fights in 11 bouts, both of which were very tight decisions. Where would you like to be in 12 months time?


IL:           Ideally I’d like to be European champion and possible going for a world level fights. I’d like to have a crack for the British title soon.


PZ:          Do you have a date confirmed for your next outing?


IL:           No – nothing confirmed as yet. I was supposed to fight John McDermott on November 30th last year, but he had to pull out due to injury. I would have beaten him in three rounds.


PZ:          Are there any British heavyweights you would like to challenge?


IL:           I was calling out Richard Towers previously, but then he got beaten. I wouldn’t mind fighting the unbeaten Scottish fighter Gary Cornish. He’s 17-0, a good prospect and could make for a good bout.


The same way the current British champions have got to where they are, is evidence that I can do exactly the same. You don’t become a champion by avoiding people and hopefully my time to share the ring with one of these title holders comes up soon.


PZ:        Apart from Wladimir Klitchko, and yourself – of course (!), who’s the best heavyweight in the world right now?


IL:           I rate Bermane Stiverne. He’s a good strong come forward fighter. Another guy who is on his way up is Andy Ruiz. Really like him also.


PZ:         Tell me more about the team around you.


IL:           Don Charles takes care of the boxing side of things. My conditioning is taken care by John Durrant at the Urban Kings gym in Kings Cross. Both of them are fantastic.


PZ:         If there’s one rematch from 2013 that you would like to see, who would it be?


IL:           Not so much 2013, but I’d like a rematch with David Price. We fought as amateurs and there’s no way he won that fight. You can check it out on Youtube. I’d like to prove that I’m the better fighter and not leave the decision to the judges by knocking him out this time.


PZ:        Any boxing nicknames?


IL:           Ian ‘Lay Em Out’ Lewison.


PZ:         Tell the readers one thing about yourself which not many people know.                                            


IL:           I speak three languages! English obviously – Spanish and Cantonese.


PZ:         If you could spar three rounds with any past boxing legend, who would it be?


IL:           Mike Tyson at his peak. I’d like to experience that raw ferociousness with every punch he threw.


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Full photo credits to Ty Faruki Photography (tyfaruki.com)


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