New Year FA Cup and Transfer Predictions

So we are officially into 2014 and it’s time for change, goals, expectations and unrealistic targets to be achieved or not as we will all find out come February.  I don’t think I’ll bother with any this year as my attempts to be the master of philanthropy fell at the first hurdle this time last year when I found out what it meant.  It turns out I just really liked saying the word.

We have had a great couple of weeks in the sporting world.  The Premiership had a decent amount of action, as did the FA cup.

The next few weeks should also be very interesting with the transfer window officially open.

The Premiership saw most teams play 4 or 5 games over the last two weeks resulting in some rather obvious score lines and talking points.

Cardiff has officially announced the appointment of Ole Gunner as the new Manager.  He’s crazy if you ask me.  Any manager would have to be crazy to even consider the position.  Vincent Tan is a clown, has no clue about football and I’m pretty sure  if he takes his sun glasses off he will reveal he’s Kim Jong Un but that’s a different story.  Ole has been in charge for a couple of games which in all honesty have bought in great results.  Playing attacking football is his philosophy which in my opinion Malky did well when he was there.  I hope Cardiff survives the drop but with Tan in charge I can’t see any positives coming the Blue Birds’ way.

The FA cup has returned as always turning league stature and positioning on its head.  Nottingham Forest absolutely dicked on West Ham.  Big Sam needs to sort his head out big time.  You can’t field 5 of your best players in a game like that and then come out and say your focusing on the league.   I agree you should focus on league survival but be honest and admit your clueless Sam.  I’m fed up of this attitude that if Andy Carroll was fit we would not be where we are and we are playing without strikers!  We have a few strikers and they all under-perform.  It’s time The Hammers got rid of Sam, hired Malky and started playing the sort of football that makes us famous.  Sam will be the next to go ironically if West Ham fail to get a result at Cardiff Saturday so he may see that happen.

The north London derby was an interesting affair. Arsenal is looking a decent side beating Spurs 2-0 even with a few of their top boys on the bench. Arsenal is also in the window for a new striker as we are all well aware.  Why? Wallcott is the answer there and has been the whole time. When Chamberlain returns, their midfield is going to be very congested and so it makes sense to me.  Spurs were in poor form but with Sherwood having a majority of the players’ and fans’ blessing,  I think it’s a result they will get over.  It may be a blessing now they can push for a top four  finish.

So now for the transfer window.  Here’s my predictions:-

Arsenal                                             Diego Costa

Napoli                               Mata

Man Utd                             Baines

Chelsea                                             Hulk/Shaw

West Ham                        Lambert/Defoe

This window is going to be massive and as far as I’m concerned who ever does the best business at the top of the table will survive or push on.  Arsenal  has proved they can really dig out results.   Man City are their closest contenders at the moment.  A poor result at Blackburn proves they have not got the consistency mastered just yet.

West Ham and Cardiff are a striker away from safety and Spurs are one away from a top four  finish. Chelsea are the same but I fell a striker in form for them would push their title hopes.

The story to watch is obviously the big name Arsenal promise to attract into the team.


Good luck losing weight, saving money or whatever it is that you are aiming to achieve .




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