DailySport reports live from the latest Ringtone Gym’s boxing promotion


It had been a long week and the trek from Kingston to Camden Town on a Friday evening, with an incredible number of train delays mean that it took me about two hours to get to the London Irish Centre to report on the latest boxing promotion from ‘The Entertainer’, Mr Ben Day. The last show was a sizzler, so, with a long journey behind me, I walked to the bar, had a Carlsberg for medicinal purposes and then took my seat for the eagerly awaited first bell of the evening.


During the ten minutes or so before the fights started, none other than Ashley Theophane and his beautiful girlfriend turned up ringside, supporting the efforts of Ben, the boxers from the Ringtone Gym and great charitable causes. More about that later…


I must say – I’ve interviewed and crossed paths with a number of champions at a number of levels and Ashley certainly rates up there as one of the most endearing characters in boxing. Not a single fan was turned away from a photograph, and autograph or a conversation. The man from Floyd Mayweather’s ‘The Money Team’ (TMT) was just another man at ringside on this occasion. He makes no fuss about who he is, but was more concerned as to why he was there. To give his undivided support to boxing and a great charity.


Down to action. With only 10 hours notice, Ringtone boxing trainer Jack Readings stepped in to take on a tough adversary, by way of Aaron Greenacre. The two battled it out for the full three rounds and in the end, the referee simply couldn’t split them up and gave it a draw 29-29. Jack, one of the world’s most devoted QPR supporters got the win he wanted the day after, as QPR beat Derby at Wembley to make the leap to the Premier League. You RRRRR’S!!


Second fight, Dave ‘Chunk’ Chapman proved to be too strong for Mark Wilkinson, with Wilkinson’s corner pulling him out in the third to avoid further punishment. Richard Sawdon Smith then beat David Robinson 29-28. There was a great deal of respect shown from Smith towards Robinson after the fight, as this was David’s first bout and gave it 100% from the outset against a Ringtone veteran.


Fourth fight was between Amit Ram and Chris ‘Lucky Legs’ Dunby. The first two rounds I had pretty much even. Chris was showing some great boxing technique, but Amit was ducking and diving like Del Boy, leaving Chris a little frustrated at times as he was punching into thin air. The third round I had Chris’s way. He seemed to have that little bit more stamina and determination and deservedly won 29-28. A great fight. Possible rematch guys?….


Next up were Anita Lillefosse against Kelly Delaney. With the first four fights being more about working behind the jab, conserving energy and picking punches, the ladies raised the bar and went for a full on slug fest from the first round. Not only did they do that, they maintained this for the full three rounds!! Justifiably, the referee gave it a draw 29-29. A good result for both ladies and one which had the crowd on their feet throughout.


As Kelly stepped out, she handed the boxing baton to brother Mark Delaney. For many who attended the last Ringtone Gym promotion, you may have only remembered one fight – it was the battle between Mark Delaney and Kevin Whelan. Two men with great boxing technique, heart and desire to knock their opponent out through the ropes. The decision was incredibly tight last time round, so the lads decided to do it all again! They certainly didn’t disappoint. Up to the third round I had Kevin ahead by a round. He was the busier and more accurate, but it was his work rate which kept catching my eye. However, Mark obviously decided to ruin Kevin’s victory parade and gave it 200% going into the last round, beating Kevin’s work rate and landing the more telling punches. It was inevitably a draw and the perfect result for two great warriors. Please guys – make the missing part of the trilogy happen!!!


James Norton then stepped up against Shane Gavin. Norton was just a bit too ring crafty and overwhelming and took the victory 29-28. Fight eight was Mikaela Zahn against Sam Mason. In my opinion, boxing wise, technically the best bout of the evening. Mason won the contest 30-29 and in my view for one reason – work rate. They both landed some cracking punches but Mason simply landed more of them.


Fights nine and ten I have to apologise, but I was unable to report due to needing to run off and catch my train!!! Next time….


I’d like to finish off by taking my hat off to the silent heroes that evening. First and foremost is Ben Day. Never one to publicise his philanthropy, Ben is the kind of guy you could literally call up at 3am in need of a favour and he’d come over to help out. I remember when I had to go to hospital last year for an operation and on arriving home, the very first ‘Get well soon’ card I received was signed by Ben, Jack and Jordan – ‘In the friendship of Boxing’ – nice touch. He doesn’t do it for the recognition, he always does it for to make a positive difference – and that he achieved yet again for three fantastic charities at the London Irish Centre. The person he was giving his undivided support to, is the second silent hero I’d like to mention and I’d actually like to sign off with a few words from this incredible lady – Michelle Sutherland. Her own words are very powerful, so I thought it best you read them straight from her heart. Please take the time to read her story. It’s inspirational.


Goodbye for now everybody and thank you for a cracking evening at the London Irish Centre!


Michelle Sutherland – In her own words….


The reason I personally decided to do a charity cycle across Cuba was to help raise money for three very important charities that women v cancer are supporting which include breast, ovarian and cervical cancer. In November 2011 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, at the age of 25 this was the last thing I thought would happen! After many appointments and small operations at Torbay hospital and Exeter hospital, I was told I would need further treatment, I was referred to St Bartholomews hospital in St Pauls London for a much more major and specialist operation which was a ‘Radical Tracalectomy’ and also to have my ‘Lymth nodes’ removed. After a long 11 days in hospital recovering and after a few further problems I was eventually allowed home, being told in 2 weeks time I would receive my full results. Thankfully on the 21st march 2012 I was told that the tracalectomy got all of the cancer and I was cancer free and could finally get on with my life and no more treatment was needed, just regular check ups. Since then my check ups have now moved to 6 monthly checks ups, I’ve got married and spend lots of much needed quality time with my little boy, who is now nearly 4. Everything I have been through in the last few years has inspired me to do something to help these well deserved charities in raising money to help people like myself and also people less fortunate then me who require more treatment.


I have been back from Cuba now for 2 weeks and all I can say is ‘what an experience!’ I met some amazing inspirational ladies, that had been through similar illness’s as myself, if not worse and some time and time again! I’ve made lifelong friends and have memories I’ll cherish forever! 


So far with the help from amazing friends and family I have raised £4130!! And people are still donating now, as well the big fundraiser on Friday the 23rd May ‘Brawl in the Hall’ organised by Ben Day! £5 of every ticket sold will go to my Cuba Women V Cancer charity! Thank you Ben!!


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that contributed in any way shape or form! It’s very much appreciated, can’t thank you all enough.








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