DailySport talks with Team Calzaghe about teenage boxing sensation Harry Carlin

Fresh from having completed a UK tour of his autobiography, Enzo Calzaghe is refreshed, energised and focused on the task in hand – boxing. Regarded by some as hot headed and maverick, nobody can argue with the fact that Enzo Calzaghe has an incredible track history behind him as a British boxing trainer. The latest fighter to enter his stables already has an impressive record at a mere 14 years old, and teaming up with Enzo could be the stepping stone he needs to step up to the pros and beyond.


Harry has just won the Scottish Junior Championship which is the first piece of silver wear since teaming up with Enzo. He is at a level now where he is receiving personal professional coaching by firstly his Scottish coaches at Newarthill ABC and also one to one coaching with legend Enzo Calzaghe.


A Calzaghe Source told DailySport: “Harry is progressing rapidly since attaching himself to Enzo Calzaghe and his performances continue to demonstrate the class of which he aims to maintain. Enzo is working magic with him in every level. Let’s not take anything away though from the current coaches at Newarthill ABC as they are relentless in producing top level fighters. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them and the sponsors Capricorn Security along with the team at Ricenspicy. The sponsorships have helped Harry as a youngster continue his dream. I’d like to thank Michael Jennings also for offering to work with Harry at his gym. Big news coming in regards to Michael Jennings also. Watch this space!”


Enzo Calzaghe also commented:  “Firstly, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the journey this far. I believe Harry has got the ability to go all the way. He has a good professional style which he mustn’t lose. Some bad habits but at his age he will lose them fast. A work in progress.”


Sounds like Calzaghe Promotions not only have some interesting prospects being developed under Enzo’s guidance, but also some other great boxing stories to unfold in the coming weeks. For the moment – remember two words – Carlin – Calzaghe…





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