DailySport’s report live from ringside, reporting on James Degale, Eubank Jr and Hughie Fury

Although not the most populated of boxing venues at Glow in Bluewater, the number of boxing champions and aficionados present on the evening certainly compensated. Chris Eubank senior in attendance for his son’s 10th outing, Hughie Fury supported by Tyson, Spencer Fearon, Ross Minter, Colin McMillan, Adam Booth. The list continues as a very long and healthy one, and the boxing also made up for the long journey many had to travel round the M25 to reach the giant shopping centre. Well done Hennessy.

First bout of the evening was Peter McDonagh against Liam Griffiths. I had seen Liam fight at the York Hall last week and was surprised to see him in the ring so soon after a one sided bout against Matt McCarthy. Liam lost that fight 35-40 and repeated the same score against McDonagh. Known as the Cinderella Man, Peter McDonagh has a rollercoaster record, showing some very impressive victories against the likes of recent world title contender Lee Purdy, and has two titles to boast on his CV, including the Southern Area Lightweight title and the Irish Lightweight title. The former he fought Purdy and the latter against Michael Gomez. The fight against Griffiths was basically a case of McDonagh trying to push Griffiths away to land a punch on him, before he held again. A scrappy fight, of which McDonagh made the best of the situation.

Bout two was at light welterweight between Dani Davis and Martin Shaw. Davis was working well behind the jab, but left himself open to counter punching from Shaw. As the rounds progressed, Shaw became more confident and although Davis looked the more imposing, the bout became far more competitive as time progressed. I had Davis ahead after the first three rounds, but Shaw produced a belting last round which obviously swayed the cards to the verdict of a draw. The first blot on Dani Davis record, which brings him to 4-0-1, whilst Shaw moves to 3-3-1.

Next up was Eli Green against Igor Tsujjev at light welterweight. I saw Green fight on his debut at Mickey Helliet’s show at the Camden Centre a few weeks ago and was impressed with the tenacity of this lad. He brings the fight to his opponent and brings non stop action to the table. No surprise he won the fight 40-37 and extended his lead to 2-0.

Bout 4, at middleweight, was very Tyson-esque. Mike Tyson that is – not Mr Fury who was in attendance for the evening. Albert Kraus took under Joe Jones, who had a record of ten fights and ten defeats. After only one minute of the first round Kraus landed a left hook to the body which halted the fight and extended his record to 2-0. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing him fight again soon. He showed good lateral movement and serious power. The middleweight division Worldwide and at European level has some excellent future opponents waiting. Please match-make them soon!

Next up saw Kid Galahad take on a very respectable opponent by way of Isaac Nettey from Ghana, who had none other than Ian Napa working his corner. The Kid had Tyson Fury in his corner, just to make sure the balance of power was even! Nettey boasted a record of 21 wins in 30 fights and came with a great following of fans, who not only came with their voices to support, but a full band of live music also! Galahad produced the cleaner work from the outset. He had Nettey out of range, and landed with very crisp hurtful shots whenever he wished. The left check hook being a honey punch for the Kid. By round 4 Nettey was struggling and I was happy to see that after going down in the 4th and 5th rounds, the referee stopped the bout at two minutes 35 seconds of the fifth round, awarding a TKO to Galahad.

The build up for the next fight took about five minutes as Hughie Fury walked into the ring to fight against a Butterbean lookalike at heavyweight called Ladislav Kovarik. Supported by his marginally bigger cousin Tyson, Hughie demonstrated some great ringcraft, lateral movement and outstanding power…….albeit for one minute and 35 seconds. This is certainly a heavyweight who has the potential to go all the way to the top. Am looking forward to seeing him fight again soon. Dare I say – would a bout against his cousin ever happen?….

Chris Eubank Junior was next into the ring against Tyan Booth for a middleweight fight over eight rounds. The first four rounds involved a great deal of holding on from Booth, which would have frustrated many fighters, but Eubank Jr kept his head and his gameplan in sight and kept trying to wear down his opponent with a number of single well placed shots from which ever angle he fancied.  By round five, it seemed as if the holding from Booth had physically zapped a great deal of his energy and was struggling with Eubank’s increased pace. As Chris started to land with some beautiful jabs and hooks to both the body and the head, he progressed up a gear for rounds six and seven respectively which not only resulted Chris opening a cut over Booth’s left eye, but resulted in the referee stopping the fight in two minutes and 31 seconds of the 8th round as he was receiving a substantial onslaught of punches. Even Chris senior, a man of reserved emotion, managed to jump out of his seat in delight.  Would love to see Chris Jr make a step up by way of taking on the likes of John Ryder or Billy Joe Saunders within a fight or two….


The headliner for the evening saw James Degale defend his WBC Silver Super Middleweight Title against Stjepan Bozic from Croatia.  Degale from the first bell was explosive in his accurate attack, scoring to the head and the body of his opponent, and letting the man from Croatia know that there was no way he would be walking away with his belt. The durable Bozic took more punishment in the second and third rounds, taking some very heavy uppercuts and hooks to the body, and also a few low blows, which the referee had to intervene to allow him to take time to recover.

Round four saw Degale going for the stoppage, and the last five seconds of the round he threw and landed seven perfectly placed punches in Bozic’s face. No surprise he retired at the end of the round, as it would have only been a matter of time before Degale knocked him out. What next? A rematch with Groves could be a cracker….

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