March Madness Continues

Mockney - 14Welcome to the next instalment of my weekly column.  One of the only ones out there that talks sense.

So the egg chasing has finished at long last.  Fair play to the Irish I’m pretty sure they won in the end, although I think  the English beat all  the British teams so that still makes us the best overall.  At least now I can have a night out which isn’t over powered by an abundance of penis on tour….hopefully the birds will come out again.   Saying that it’s better when its busy.

It’s been a quiet few weeks as far as the football’s concerned but luckily as at last weekend normal service has resumed.

What makes this season different from the others (and it’s a good thing) is how close it is.

Perhaps the talking point of the season has been the utter state Manchester United have got themselves into.   League winners last year now this year not even qualifying for Europe and in not qualifying for Europe is massive for a club like Manchester United, not just revenue wise but they are going through a massive transition at the moment too and they need to attract new players, big players! And without the European platform to attract them, I can’t see their situation improving.

Moye’s tried to save some grace by signing Juan Mata but the guy plays in the only position in which they already had real quality in Wayne Rooney.  It was a pathetic signing and a complete waste of money. So what’s next for United? Well,  the only thing they can do in my opinion is start again. They won’t attract the top strikers, midfielders or defenders in Europe so they are going to have to target younger players who are coming through the ranks based on their previous history/ reputation. The likes of Luke Shaw, Baines in some cases, players like Lukaku should all be targets. The reason I say this is …? These players know the history of United. They have grown up with them being top dogs and know the history but at the same time they are young enough and inexperienced enough to not have played in Europe but at the same time are young enough to get them there and have a lengthy career at that level.  You cannot attract players like Cavani or Benzima as they are used to playing at that level and don’t have the play time left to wait for the team to gel.

I guess what I’m trying to say in simple terms is: Manchester United’s players are of a very poor quality and the ones that are good don’t have the years to put into the club. They need to re-build! Do I think Moye’s is the man for the job? No! In my opinion he’s a push over and the players have no respect for him …I wouldn’t be surprised if Rooney, Van Persie all jump ship in the summer. The fact they have new contract’s is irrelevant when you look at the Gareth Bale situation last year.  He signed a new contract with Spurs not because he was staying but it meant the club could get top dollar for him and they did £100 million wasn’t a bad bit of business for Mr. Levi at the Lane, as you can see from their position in the league this year (it’s the same as last year).

United are going through a major transition but they have the finances to change it but it’s just going to be a time consuming process.

League Title? Well what can you say about it? It’s completely open again. Chelsea look red hot 6 with pts clear but then they dropped 3 points at Villa and get 2 of arguably the best midfielders in Europe sent off!  Neither of them can complain about the cards but they will be missed.  At the same time City get their captain and leader from the back sent off, then cuff Hull city 2-0 and they have 2 games in hand.  They are the sort of results and performances than will win or lose you the title and although City  have struggled in Europe they have the stability and finance to push on and on.  Chelsea are completely on par but they keep losing stupid games.

I honestly cannot call the title it’s too hard.  This year it’s a three horse race and although we have been talking about the main two teams at the top, you have to take Liverpool seriously.   I didn’t want to talk too much about their result at United because in my opinion it’s a game they should have won by that margin but they are digging out massive results so …..why not? They have a shout, although I’m not fussed on Sturridge.  He’s a diving prick.

The same can be said for the bottom of the table too. West Ham looked to be home and dry with Sam picking up the Manager of the Month award after 4 straight wins although they have just lost the last 2 on the bounce  with a few teams below digging results also.  Positions 10th and below are all in the shit really. Cardiff has a shout of survival as do Fulham to a certain degree, although I am talking mathematically. The chances are it will be Norwich, Cardiff and Fulham.

One thing I’m certain of before any lower table managers’ heads go on the line is  David Moyes has 2 weeks to turn it or he’s gone! I fancy Harry going there.

So how did everyone do at Cheltenham? What a shower  of shite that  whole thing was! I didn’t have a dime on it although there were a few heavy wins in my local. The National is soon and we will touch base on the horses in that plus a few tips on my part.

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