Midweek Footy Focus

Welcome to the next instalment of my midweek column.

The cold has set in, which can only mean one thing ….drinking season is over for a few months! (Shame!!)  It’s the time of the year when girls actually decide to wear a decent amount of clothing on a night out so all the guys decide to take this momentary lapse in attraction to try and get in shape for the summer. Does anyone actually achieve it?  No!

One thing that has heated up is the football.  I attended the Cardiff v West Ham match.  One of the rare chances I get to see my boys living so far away but a good result for The Hammers but not such a good result for  Ole’s first league game. West ham were definitely the sharper in the first half to be fair but then Cardiff had a few chances they should have stuck away too – but still, that’s the way the league is.  At least I won a few bob.  I had a cheeky bet on 2-0  so I was landed when Mark got our second. The game did see the return of Carroll and he’s a little rough round the edges in appearance and form but it’s good to see him back in action.  It really does boost the team’s moral.  Cardiff looked in trouble to me.  They may have 3 or 4 decent Premiership standard players that will either go in his window or the next if they have any sense.  It’s never great to jump ship but the likes of Campbell, Medel and Catterine are all decent enough to go anywhere else.  I’d jump ship before the circus leaves town.

There has been a shift at the top of the league too.  Arsenal don’t look as comfortable as they once did.   I don’t actually recall any major slip- ups either, so it’s a little confusing.  I guess City and Chelsea are really on form.  Negrado is looking like the best signing of the last window and with Aguero due to return this week I think they are a very strong favourite for the title and unless Arsenal manage to sign someone outrageous then it may switch the other way. Chelsea are lacking a world-class striker.   Let Ba go back to Newcastle or West Ham.   Let Torres go to Athletico Madrid and bring in one worldly to partner Eto’ 9 (who to be fair is knocking on a bit ).

The bottom of the table as is stands is extremely close.   The likes of West Ham and Sunderland have experience with relegation pressure but the likes of Cardiff and Crystal palace will really have to dig deep to survive.   I can’t see it after being at the game Saturday Cardiff are in trouble.

Swansea are not looking too good either. The honeymoon period is over for them this year is going to be a battle.

Nothing has happened just yet in the window.  A load of names floating about for a few clubs, seems Spurs are having a clean out…..lets face it that sort of panic buying was never going to work.  I understand Arsenal are trying to land Cabaye again, why? They need a striker and the only explanation is that they are going to let Theo progress as that striker.

United’s stocks have deteriorated buy a quarter of a billion!! .Hahaha, Unlucky Moyes you should have stayed put son!!

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