Midweek Premiership & Euro’s Round Up

Hello, and welcome to my weekly column.  So what’s been happening this week?

I tell you what,  the egg chasing has sucked me in a bit.  I was on the piss in Cardiff Friday night for their game vs France.   I didn’t watch a kick as I was in  some hospitality elsewhere but I hear it was a good one.  I focussed most of my attention to the tail that was out, not the telly.  The Six Nations is heating up and all I know is it’s a level playing field and England are playing Wales soon…….apparently! 

Living amongst this banter I’m actually going to watch this one so I can hopefully gloat.

The night life in Cardiff is getting better.  You just have to know where the decent spots are.  The girls seem to be making more of an effort so I guess summer’s on its way. 

As for the right shaped ball – there’s plenty going on with that one.

Liverpool look to have picked up some decent form the last few weeks.  Sturridge is looking very sharp but a little too greedy for me.  Suarez seems to have turned provider, which to be fair is another string to his bow but doesn’t do my dream-team stats any favours. I can see him going if I’m honest and if Real come in with a decent offer then he will go, no doubt about it.   This season is somewhat of an audition. Liverpool look like they can obtain a top four finish as Spurs look to be dropping off now.

What happened to the new Spurs push? The honey- moon period is over at the Lane! You can almost bet on the new manager transition period with any club. They always dig out decent results then drop off….Surprise surprise the tabloids are touching base on the new manager position.  Tim’s decent but I don’t think he has the experience of other managers available.  I suppose it’s a scapegoat for the non qualification of Europe.

One team having no such luck is West Ham.  Obviously I’m biased but Hey! 4 wins in a row by a 2 goal margin in each is an impressive run by any clubs standards in this league.  OK Sam got us in the shit but like I said previously, he is the best person to get us out. West Ham have had injury problems with their main players which has proved Sam right but I think they have another level in them yet to push a comfortable finish. Hopefully that’s it for the relegation woes but it’s a tough league who knows?

Cardiff unfortunately are in the know.   It’s game over, set in stone….see you later!!!!

That game against hull unfortunately has shown the issue with loan players in that they don’t care.  There’s no passion, no drive and either way those players will go to their parent clubs next season.

Ole hasn’t got a clue, the owners haven’t got a clue and when the fans realise their team is playing in red in the lower divisions with nothing to show for the loss of their identity, there will be carnage.  Of course I will be there to watch them string Vincent Tan up by his moustache AND THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO!!

Not really much to touch base on.   Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal all won comfortably.  I do think though Norwich will be looking for a new manager very soon as Houghton’s on borrowed time.  I wonder what Delia is cooking up in the back. Bet it tastes like shit anyway!

England’s group has been drawn for the next euros:




San Marino


I’ve taken the opportunity to predict the results and outcomes of the opponents England will face.

(England will win every game by loads!!! ) Easy group for us !

Wales stand a chance of this one too although I can’t see Scotland or Ireland having a cat in hells’ chance.


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