Mockney’s Midweek Milestone

Welcome to this week’s column.

Plenty to talk about this week starting with the usual. It looks like Liverpool have the title all sealed up.   I know they have Chelsea to face but with 5 points clear  they can even afford a slip up against them. Manchester city are still in with an outside chance but  as soon as you’re relying on other teams to perform (or not in this case) it becomes a struggle.

 Liverpool, Man city and Chelsea in that order is my prediction now.

Fourth place and the final champions league spot is going to go down to the wire by the looks of things too.  Arsenal are getting back to the form that saw them sit at the summit for most of the season whereas Everton’s consistent performances have also paid off.   It’s a massive gamble as a 5th  place finish will really take its toll in the Europa league next season. Who will take it? I’m going for Arsenal …’s always Arsenal.

Down at the other end of the table it’s a little less clearer with games in hand to go and potential 6t pointer matches it’s going to be really close. Sunderland are winning games and Fulham are also picking up points.  Cardiff look like they are in the crap but then Norwich have really tough fixtures coming up so, if Cardiff do pick up points and Norwich don’t they swap over.

It really is too tough to call at the moment.   I think Cardiff are the ones who are looking a little relegated at the moment.   I was at the game on Saturday and there were flashes of recent quality throughout the game but the whole place is a very negative place to be at the moment. The crowd have never really taken to the red kit and the constant mocking from the Away supporters has really turned the atmosphere there.  As I said before, the crowd are there when they are performing but just like the situation at United, it turns very quickly.  Yep he’s gone! Manchester United decided to part ways with David Moyes after all.  Was he given enough time? I’m not so sure!  Although the players he did bring in were flops in a way, he still could have been given a little more time to get things going. All the players there were the doing of Sir Alex.  If you ask me he knew what he was doing as all the players he purchased before he left were all awful, which was very uncharacteristic of him.  Moyes had a massive uphill struggle ahead of him anyway.  Manchester would have really struggled to attract decent players without the lure of European football and financial fair play rules coming in.

In my opinion the way to be successful is not to do it the Chelsea way ( buying every decent player that pops up) but to do it the Liverpool or Barcelona way and maybe even throw Southampton into that category too.   All those teams recruit through the ranks and if you do that right then you are left with a team  that will be decent for a good 8 years plus – quite a bit like the Belgium team now.

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