Mockney’s Spring Footy Selection

Hello and welcome to my weekly column for the Daily Sport.

Firstly I think its safe to say that the mighty Hammers are safe for another year in the top flight. I think Monday’s game was crucial for both teams and in my opinion if West ham won they would be safe and if Sunderland lost they would be down.  Unfortunately (for t’Northerners) it was the latter and with the run in of games they have, I’d be  very surprised if they survive.  Well done West Ham though.

So…. a big shuffle at the top of the league again. Liverpool are now top with Chelsea dropping three points at Palace.  What a silly score line that was. Good for the Bookies but not for the boys in blue.  That loss has lost them the title in my eyes although Manchester City still have a couple of games in hand they have to play Liverpool in one of them and let’s face it Liverpool are looking deadly at the moment. Chelsea looks a right mess. The “Special One” will have to pull something special out of his arse. Still its all to play for at the top so it will be very interesting to see who grabs it. I hope its a “ down to the wire “ job.

So who’s going down with Fulham, Yes although its not mathematically confirmed Fulham have been paddling down a shite stream using their hands for a long while.   It’s safe to say they have had it but just like the top of the league its so close down there.  Like I mentioned earlier Sunderland are the second team in the doo doo, so that leaves one more…..Mondays result for Sunderland has actually given other teams around the area a great deal of hope not only because there is only one spot and about 5 teams on the edge but for palace to beat Chelsea it shows the teams in that area are not prepared to fight for their survival and the dedication is higher than a team who essentially just threw away the title. There are points to be won in the league – plenty of them – 25 for most who knows.

It’s safe to say that it’s   one of the closest leagues around at the moment.

Manchester United are still plugging away! Another great win for them without Van Persie too.  Rooney is a quality player I’m a little gutted for him really . He needs to move on now and have a few years in Madrid i reckon.

A story I recently read which was a surprise to me was Madrid’s Carlo being the main contender for the Spurs position next season. He actually had a good session at Chelsea when he was here but would you leave Madrid for Tottenham ? The answer is Yes …if your pushed like Sherwood,  Carlo may not have a choice as its understood if Madrid dont  pick up any silver wear this season then he’s a gonner! In my opinion its not the best move for Spurs, an outside bet with be the “return of the napp” haha yes Harry ! I can see him having a great stink back at the Lane. I’d love to see him at Upton Park but I’m content with Big Sam at the moment they’re cut from the same cloth those two.

Arsenal? Gone ain’t they ? Shame, it was always said they can’t cope with the pressure. They haven’t got the squads there! They rely on too heavily. In my opinion they need a new spine( centre back, midfield, striker and keeper).

Did you see my bet last week? How unlucky were we? Chelsea the sod’s ;et us down for a grand ! good effort though Ill do another next week ….this week we have a more pressing matter to deal with……the Grand National  baby!!!

Who’s on what ?

Here’s my tip for the day’s racing:

Rocky Creek

Colbert Station

Hawkes Point

Monbeg Dude


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