Wicked Wednesday Footy Focus

Hello and welcome to my weekly sports column although not technically true as I missed you last week – Sorry.   I was busy breaking world surfing records in South Wales.   Did you see that pic of the massive wave over Porthcawl lighthouse?  I was there.

So what’s been going down? I see the egg-chasing has returned to the big screens.  The Six Nations – not my cup of tea but the Welsh love it.  It’s a bit odd as they couldn’t give two “poos” about club level rugby yet when the internationals come along they are all experts.  It just doesn’t make sense.  It’s a silly sport really and a good excuse to carry a huge leek and have a dragon stamped on their cheeks at the matches.

I took to the streets of Cardiff and watched the Liverpool match then  was forced to watch the rugby and finally watched the Cardiff- Swansea game.   I have never seen such a mix of emotions.  The Welsh all support Liverpool as they are the closest Premiership team, well…. were. Now Cardiff have been promoted they support both, or they support Liverpool and Swansea so Saturday was a bit like this :

Swansea and Cardiff fans support Liverpool together. Swansea and Cardiff fans support Wales together then Swansea and Cardiff fans beat the living shit out of each other because they’re playing against each other and it came at a time when they had been on the Shandies all day long. The ride home on the train was mental. They need to stop glory hunting and support their locals.

It raises the question though, how is it possible for the spectators in rugby (which is the most violent and aggressive sport) to sit next to each other and not have any issues of violence or abuse at all? And yet in football they are mental with violence; you’re sectioned off in the away ground; you can’t drink and its a harmless sport??  In my opinion it’s the FA who have created this situation.   It’s one lesson we can take from Rugby as a sport.  Although it’s a boring sport, I couldn’t tell you much about the rugby apart from it was the Bronco’s who won.

Good day of footy though.  OK, Cardiff lost the derby but in all fairness Swansea’s “new manager syndrome” worked.   It always happens when a new manager takes over. The result does land Cardiff in the bottom three though but I’m sure with the lads they have, they will stay above water level.

Arsenal had a hiding.   Liverpool weren’t actually that good, Arsenal were flat out awful and yes –  I do think that’s it for the north Londoner’s. Liverpool and Arsenal won’t have any problems with a top 4 finish but when you look at the Chelsea form now its looking hard to compete with.

Chelsea smashed it again.  Well Hazard smashed it again.  I think he will leave in the summer. One big offer from Barcelona or Madrid and he’s gone.

Man city again pulled off a shocking away  result which surprised everyone.

The result of the weekend has to be the Iron’s beating Villa.  I have been replaying Zola’s famous flick and the Nolan on from Saturday and can’t tell them apart. Its nice not having to rely on Carroll for goals.  He’s a  cock  really.

Even though West Ham are slowly getting themselves out of danger I still think Sam needs to go.  He’s the best for getting you out of the relegation battles but he’s also the reason we are in one in the first place.

I tell you who else should be strolling!! Moyes at Utd. Oh my God what a load of poop! He’s getting rid of his four defenders and Raphael is crap.  If United get rid of Moyes now then it will go down as a blip.  They keep referring back to Fergie’s losing run when he first joined, the difference was they were different people!  His reaction at the weekend told a story.  Man united are not going to get in Europe and that’s just great!! Will they all jump ship in the summer?

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