Froch takes Kessler on points

Last night saw Nottingham’s Carl Froch beat Denmark’s Mikkel Kessler on points in the second meeting making it now 1 a piece and setting up the possibility of a super fight decider FROCH v KESSLER III and judging by ticket sales for last nights fight it wouldn’t be a hard fight to sell to the fans.

In a fight that not only live up to expectation but clearly surpassed them, which in boxing is unusual with the hype that surrounds a big fight such as this one. But fans in the o2 were clearly impressed by what they had seen over the previous 11 rounds, as the entire 18,000 crowd were on their feet for the start of the 12th round.

The fight its self was a great all action affair and at times pretty close with rounds 8, 10 and 11 particularly brutal with both guys landing big shots and showing at this level how tough they really are credit to both guys hearts, stamina and chins, which made this fight an epic night for boxing.

At the death judges saw it 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113 for Froch. How any judge could have given the fight to either boxer by 8 rounds beggars belief but that’s boxing judges for you.

After the fight Froch and his promoter Eddie Heard said they looked forward to major fights, but would be taking some time out before deciding anything.



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