Happy hump-day!

So..It’s time for my next mid week column.

Thank God that soppy bollocks of a weekend is over, a week where you have to treat your Mrs  to some flowers or chocolates and basically prove what a useless sod you really are the other 362 days of the year (excluding birthdays and Christmas)! But then I’d normally forget one of those two.  It’s all a waste of time.

Right, on with it……I suppose we have to touch base on the winter Olympics. I have to say every girl who snowboards looks mint and have got that blonde surfy-look going down.   Definitely worth a hangover watch when tucking into a  KFC! We seem to be doing okay for a country that only gets snow once a year and the majority of our guys learning on dry ski slopes with resulting carpet burns of a different kind!

It was a big weekend in the F.A cup too and nice to see Forest get a hiding from Sheffield United….. Ha!  that will teach them for making mugs of the Irons!

The big match up was City –Chelsea. Now I like Chelsea and to be fair I’d be happy with either of them winning cups and titles but Mourinio is starting to wear a bit thin with me.  He’s beefing other managers which is fine if your team are performing well but they have slipped up and quite frankly he looked a right dick when City scored a decent brace against them.  So I’m hoping City do the job this season now.

Arsenal redeemed themselves with a second string team against Liverpool.   I actually watched this game which was surprisingly good. The Ox turned out to be the difference in this game.  He’s coming back after a stint out, so a few more weeks and he will be a nice option for arsenal.

A few other games went on.   Everton and Wigan both had decent results which ended Cardiff’s cup run.  It’s a shame and now the heat will be on Ole-Gunner to keep them up.  I’ve said before that the club is a circus behind the scenes; Mr. Malaysia won’t stand for poor performances as he hasn’t quite grasped the Premier League procedure.  In order to win games and survive you need to have decent players who want to work for your club.  For me loan deals are not the way forward.   The players don’t actually care what happens next year as they with return to their parent clubs ( Zaha ).  I’m just worried for Cardiff.

As far as the other team who will struggle, West ham looked shaky then won their last 3 on the bounce, West Ham actually have the best defensive record in the whole league …So work that one out??

Fulham let their new manager go and in all honesty, he was a mug for going there in the first place.  It’s another power hungry business man running or should I say ruining the show there.  It’s just a shame Wilkins got the shove.   He’s a good bloke who knows his shit and if he dipped his toes in a manager’s role instead of paddling in the assistants positions I think he’d be a good one.

So what have I been up to this week? Well besides braving this “Perfect Storm” weather not a great deal. When the weather is crap, there really ain’t a great deal to do. I had a few locally over the weekend but we need the sun to come out before the decent tail starts showing up.

I need a holiday; maybe I’ll catch some rays in America when I get invited to Simon Cowell’s son Eric’s christening.

If you’re going to have a flutter this weekend then maybe these are worth a shout:

Man City
West Brom
West Ham
Crystal Palace (v Man Utd)

My pick’s have been spot-on lately so this maybe the big one.

Don’t ask for rugby as I don’t have a clue. I think Wales and England will get a few touchdown goals – No that’s American Football – I meant “tries”. 

If you’re considering braving this weather for a night out it’s always tricky to stay warm AND look stylish ….. Here are a few links to some tasty line’s :




Take it easy guys

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